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As many of you may already know by now, the latest macOS upgrade to Catalina, means that the operating system no longer supports 32-bit apps. This leads to a very interesting situation with uTorrent MacOS Catalina since the torrent client announced they won’t be delivering a 64-bit version for their extremely popular app. Instead, all uTorrent users can upgrade to the uTorrent Web for Mac. So, the only version of uTorrent Catalina you can find is the browser one, with no standalone app.

Naturally, this was not perceived as good news by some of uTorrent’s most vocal users and voices were quick to state that this move is a wrong one from uTorrent. However, it is now clear that no matter how badly some wished to get a uTorrent MacOS 10.15 version, the only way to keep using the torrent client is in browser.

Tips on replacing uTorrent in Mac OS X 10.15

  1. Try Folx instead of uTorrent in Catalina
  2. uTorrent macOS 10.15 features of Folx PRO
  3. Why is uTorrent not working in Catalina

1. Try Folx instead of uTorrent in Catalina

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Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 32.81MB free space. Version 5.15.13938. (26th Jan, 2020). 4.8 Rank based on 889+ users, Reviews(858)
Category: UtilitiesApplication
If you want to keep using standalone app after the macOS update, you will need to check for alternatives since it is not crystal clear that there won’t be a uTorrent Mac OS X 10.15 version. However, that should not sadden you one bit because Folx is already out there, ready to take over any torrent downloading activities you have.

An excellent downloader for Mac will make you feel like it was time to move on from uTorrent anyway with the wide range of features it delivers.

Downloading the torrents you like, organising the downloaded data, tagging and managing downloads are all part of the amazing functionality offered by Folx and with other features like magnet link downloads, Folx already looks like the new and improved version of uTorrent. And just when you thought it doesn’t get any better than this, there’s also Folx PRO to talk about.

2. uTorrent macOS 10.15 features of Folx PRO

We’ve already seen what Folx is capable of, however, if the more skeptical users still need more proof that this is an actual better alternative for a uTorrent Mac OS X Catalina version, keep on reading to be amazed.

Built-in Search Engine
You will no longer spend precious time checking several torrent website for the content you want. Thanks to the amazing search function offered by Folx PRO, you will get this done in a couple of seconds by simply inputting your keywords. It will then look through a huge database of torrent trackers and return the best results from each one. Thanks to this function, you save time and also make sure the content quality is top notch.

Downloads Scheduling Feature
Every now and then you simply need to use the entire power of your Internet connection for something other than torrent downloading. Thanks to the clever scheduling features offered by Folx PRO, you can now schedule the downloads at night, when you’re sleeping or when you know you’re not going to be around. The control you have extends even more as you can tell the app what to do when the download is finished - exit Folx, shut down or enter sleep mode.

Synchronize with Apple Music
Whenever you’re downloading video or audio files, Folx PRO can automatically sync the media files with Music (former iTunes) so that you don’t have to waste any more time to get them synced later. Using the tags you added when you downloaded the content, Folx Pro will add the music and videos to Music for an easy sync with your iPad or iPod.

Save Login Credentials
If you’re using certain websites to download your content and have a hard time remembering all the passwords, Folx PRO can help with that as well. It will remember the login credentials for any FTP or HTTP website so that you won’t have to waste time logging in manually before downloading from your favorite resources.

YouTube to MP4 Downloads
As if all those features were not enough, Folx PRO also offers users the possibility to download music and videos from YouTube. In just a couple of clicks, the YouTube video becomes an MP4 video file or simply MP3 audio file on your Mac, always available for offline viewing or listening.

3. Why is uTorrent not working in Catalina

Most of you may be wondering what is the logic behind uTorrent not working in Catalina. And you won’t be wrong to ask yourselves this question since uTorrent is still one of the most popular torrent clients to date. However, at a closer look, we see that uTorrent is the go-to torrent client when it comes to Windows users. On Mac, the situation is a bit different and there are a lot of close contenders. Perhaps this was one of the reasons why uTorrent decided not to invest any more resources and man hours into building a 64-bit uTorrent app.

When we also take into consideration that the Mac client did not receive updates for almost an year and the most recent BitTorrent Speed release was designed for Windows users only, the picture is getting clear and clear.

So, with macOS Catalina terminating support for 32-bit apps, we are going to see the end of uTorrent on Mac devices as we know it. Of course, users that want to continue using uTorrent will be able to do so in the Web version of the client, however, those that prefer standalone apps will surely use the awesome alternative that was already presented above.

Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 32.81MB size
Version 5.15.13938 (26th Jan, 2020) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication
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