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Avoid uTorrent Big Sur Compatibility Issues

When Catalina was released, the uTorrent desktop client stopped working on Mac. Luckily there are alternatives you can try and we will help you to find the one to suit your needs. In this article, we've collected the best uTorrent macOS Big Sur alternatives.

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4.6 Rank based on 1889+ users, Reviews(796)
Keep reading our article and you will know why Folx is the greatest torrent client.

Try Folx instead of uTorrent macOS Big Sur

If you’re a Mac user, odds are that you’ve heard of the arrival of Big Sur in 2020. This is Apple's operating system for the Mac, which replaced Catalina. What you may not know is that Big Sur is 64 bit - that means it will no longer support 32 bit apps. If you’re a user of uTorrent, this will create problems, and it seems that uTorrent not working in Big Sur.

uTorrent has already announced that they do not intend to release a 64 bit version of their app, meaning that while you’ll still be able to make use of uTorrent via browser, you’ll not be able to use their app. Fortunately, there are plenty of torrent clients compatible with macOS Big Sur for users looking for a uTorrent alternative.

What to do when uTorrent not working in Big Sur:

  1. Try Folx as free uTorrent for Big Sur alternative
  2. Find out other uTorrent Big Sur replacements for Mac
  3. Learn about new features of macOS Big Sur

Try Folx as free uTorrent for Big Sur alternative

Folx logo
Requirements: macOS 10.12+. 17.89MB free space. Version 5.27.13991. (5 Oct, 2022). 4.6 Rank based on 1889+ users, Reviews(796)
Category: Utilities
Folx is a great tool for downloading data, especially as there won’t be a uTorrent for macOS 11. Although you need to invest in the PRO version to really unlock all its features, you can still get a lot out of the free version.

Folx is a torrent client and downloader for Mac in one app. It features a number of really useful tools that are designed to make your downloads as quick and easy as possible. It offers high download speeds, that are further improved by splitting downloads into two threads.

You can have multiple downloads underway simultaneously, Folx can be used to download magnet links for torrenting, and can also download using a proxy. In terms of integration, Folx can easily be integrated into popular Mac browsers, and support is displayed via Apple’s Retina.

While it may lack the more advanced features of the paid version, Folx free version still provides you with a lot of impressive features, and could be a lifesaver as there’s no uTorrent for macOS Big Sur.

By investing in Folx PRO, you can gain access to a host of extra features that make it even easier to manage and carry out downloads. It’s the perfect uTorrent alternative for Big Sur. The first thing you’ll notice about PRO is that you can search directly from the interface for any torrents you’re looking for, and even for YouTube videos, or a URL.

While the free version can split downloads into two threads, PRO goes all the way up to 20, boosting your download speeds considerably. It also has an inbuilt speed control, meaning that it can adapt to other operations on your device, or changing internet speeds. Folx PRO also lets you create Apple Music playlists from your downloaded file, ideal if you use other portable Apple devices. This Mac torrent client is the perfect solution to uTorrent Big Sur incompatibility.

icon pros Pros

  • Task scheduling tool
  • Can be integrated with popular browsers
  • Torrent client and a download manager in one app
  • Integration with Apple Music.

icon cons Cons

  • Some handy features like built-in search only in the paid version.

Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.9+

Price: Starts from $19.95

Conclusion: Folx is a powerful and reliable torrent client fully compatible with the newest macOS Monterey. A user-friendly interface and excellent feature set make Folx one of the best uTorrent alternatives. It offers built-in torrent search, download scheduling, and smart tagging, supports multithreading, and more.

Find out other uTorrent Big Sur replacements for Mac


Transmission is a popular feature-rich and lightweight torrent client available for all major operating systems. It is open-source and free, as well as comes with a minimalistic and simple interface. With a wide range of features and add-ons, Transmission is one of the best uTorrent Mac Big Sur alternatives. Using add-ons you can significantly enhance the feature set of the app. Transmission is also available as a web client and in Terminal.

Transmission App

icon pros Pros

  • Cross-platform and ad-free
  • Mac interface is written in Objective-C
  • Has a command line interface and a daemon.

icon cons Cons

  • Doesn’t have a built-in search.

Supported OS: macOS, Windows, Linux

Price: Free

Conclusion: Transmission is a simple yet powerful torrent client. It is lightweight and uses fewer resources compared to other torrent clients. However, it doesn’t have some features offered by its competitors.


qBittorrent is another uTorrent alternative for macOS Big Sur. It is ad-free and compatible with macOS, Windows and Linux. The interface is straightforward and similar to other popular torrent clients. The feature set includes built-in search engine, remote torrent management and sequential downloading. qBitttorrent allows limiting the bandwidth used to download or upload content. Finally, this torrent client is open-source. That means you can review the code anytime.

qBittorrent App

icon pros Pros

  • Doesn’t contain ads
  • Offers remote torrent control
  • Offers download prioritization features.

icon cons Cons

  • Dated-looking interface.

Supported OS: macOS, Windows, Linux

Price: Free

Conclusion: Like other open-source clients, qBittorrent slightly lacks some advanced features. However, it does its job well and is not overloaded with ads. If the ability to schedule downloads is a must for you, you can give this torrent client a try.


Deluge is a completely free and ad-less torrent client. It is lightweight and does not come with many features. However, it offers all the necessary basic features, including: protocol encryption, DHT, proxy support. If you need extended functionality, you can install plugins from the Deluge website. In addition, three main user interfaces are available: for the desktop, for the browser and for the command line.

Deluge BitTorrent Client App

icon pros Pros

  • Open source and free
  • There are a variety of plugins to increase the functionality
  • It has a graphical web and command line interface.

icon cons Cons

  • The interface looks outdated.

Supported OS: macOS, Windows, Linux

Price: Free

Is Deluge compatible with macOS Big Sur?

Yes, the app is compatible with macOS Big Sur.

Conclusion: With the support of plugins, you can add advanced features to Deluge, however, it still lacks built-in search.

Learn about new features of macOS Big Sur

Big Sur is the operating system from Apple. While it is a major overhaul, implementing changes such as limiting Big Sur uTorrent accessibility, it’s also designed to remain easily usable by Apple’s customers and retains many familiar features. Visually, they’ve made a few fairly minor changes. Windows are now more translucent than they used to be, and they’ve changed the shapes of icons. They’ve also completely redone system sounds.

Probably the most significant changes have been made to Safari. They’ve made a number of changes to improve security and speed. There’s also a new start page, that users can personalize by choosing wallpapers.

It also includes features such as Reading List and iCloud. Navigation has been improved by a redesign of the tabs, making it easier for you to get to what you need. A privacy report also lets you keep track of any trackers on web pages that you visit.

An inbuilt translation option lets you quickly translate foreign pages. Apple has made changes to their apps, such as Maps or Photos, letting you use new tools such as retouch or indoor maps. Unfortunately, as Big Sur is 64 bit, you will no longer be able to use 32 bit apps, such as uTorrent, unless you access them directly through a browser. There isn’t a uTorrent for Big Sur.

Final thoughts on uTorrent for macOS Big Sur

While Big Sur is certainly going to have a large effect on Mac users, there’s no reason why it should disrupt your use of uTorrent. Despite the change from 32 bit to 64 bit, as we’ve seen, you can still access downloads quickly and easily with Folx.

The free version provides you with the basic tools you need to easily manage downloads. And with the PRO version, you can get even more out of the program, with a host of effective features right at your fingertips. Check it out today, and stay one step ahead of Apple’s changes.


You can use only the uTorrent Web. It is compatible with Big Sur and works via the web browser. When it comes to the actual desktop client, Big Sur users can no longer download it since it is 32 bit.

Depending on your processor, you will find either a 32 bit or 64 bit uTorrent more effective. However, as the latest macOS versions are 64 bit only, you may have difficulties running uTorrent Mac Catalina, Big Sur and Monterey on it.

Luckily, there are many uTorrent 64 bit Mac alternatives. We highly recommend Folx as the ideal app to replace uTorrent on Big Sur. It’s an effective program that provides you with a wide range of customisable tools that make downloading easier than ever. The PRO version offers an impressive suite of features, covering just about everything you could need from a uTorrent Big Sur alternative.

Due to the change to 64 bit, you will need to use a third party program such as Folx in order to use uTorrent with Big Sur. You can download Folx in either free or PRO version, and immediately start downloading content with YourBitTorrent downloader for Mac. You can also use uTorrent in your browser.

Requirements: macOS 10.12+ , 17.89MB size
Version 5.27.13991 (5 Oct, 2022) Release notes
Category: Utilities