Officially: There won’t be any 64 bit uTorrent Mac App for Catalina

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Since there are no real plans to develop a 64 bit uTorrent Mac app, all uTorrent Classic users that want to make the upgrade to macOS Catalina are automatically switched to uTorrent Web for Mac, released in early September. Since the utorrent Classic is a 32 bit application and the new version of macOS is only compatible with 64 bit apps, the need for this change is imminent. And while there are users out there that wished for the development of a 64 bit utorrent for Mac, as long as the web-based app will run smoothly and offer at least the same functionality and features, there shouldn’t be a problem. The alternative is not to upgrade to the latest macOS and that’s simply not an option for the vast majority of Mac users that wish to have the latest hardware and software on their computers.

For those who prefer standalone uTorrent 64 bit app Mac:

  1. Equivalent to 64 bit uTorrent for Mac - Folx
  2. Folx PRO offers more than uTorrent 64 bit for Mac could
  3. What happened to 64 bit uTorrent app for Mac

1. Equivalent to 64 bit uTorrent for Mac - Folx

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Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 32.81MB free space. Version 5.15.13938. (26th Jan, 2020). 4.8 Rank based on 889+ users, Reviews(858)
Category: UtilitiesApplication
If you intend to do the macOS update but still want to stick with a torrent client app instead of going online, you need to take a look at the 64 bit bittorrent client offered by Folx.

A great alternative since there won’t be a utorrent 64 bit for Mac, this app is more than capable to totally replace uTorrent for good. Downloading torrents and creating new ones is a very easy and straightforward task, while organising the content you’re downloading is also very facile.

Full control over downloads makes Folx the perfect alternative for what could have been a uTorrent 64 bit Mac app. And even though it’s not clear why the guys from uTorrent didn’t think about just building a 64 bit version of their app, we are all glad that such a good alternative exists on the market already. And wait until you hear all about the app, it has the potential to surpass uTorrent in every aspect.

It also enables downloading content via magnet links and even though you may not use this option a lot, learn that it grows in popularity with each day that passes. It makes bittorrent file sharing a lot easier and faster and it adds a lot to privacy as well. All in all, if you’re already on the lookout for an alternative 64 bit uTorrent app for Mac, Folx is the answer to all your questions.

2. Folx PRO offers more than uTorrent 64 bit for Mac could

As we already anticipated in the previous paragraph, Folx can even surpass uTorrent when it comes to features. And if that’s an open discussion when talking about Folx, the PRO version of this app is surely capable of more than any version of the 64 bit uTorrent app Mac could have been.

Torrent Search
Using Folx PRO you also get an extremely powerful search engine that makes it very easy to search multiple torrent sites at once. Just enter your keywords in the dedicated search bar within the app and you won’t have to waste time every again, going through the browser or visiting numerous sites. This awesome features does not only save you a lot of time, but it also makes it possible for you to access more accurate content.

Scheduling Downloads
Another feature of Folx PRO that no possible version of uTorrent 64 bit app Mac could have offered is the downloads schedule. If you need the bandwidth right now but later you have to go out, simply schedule the download to start when you know you won’t be at home and Folx will take care of everything. Even more than that, you can tell the app what to do after the download finishes. You can either shut down the computer, go to sleep mode or simply exit Folx.

Automatic Apple Music Sync
Unlike any version of uTorrent 64-bit app for Mac we can imagine, Folx is capable of adding the downloaded videos and music to Music (former iTunes) automatically. Everything is carefully organised in playlists and using the tags that you assigned when the content was downloaded. Simple, efficient and stress-free.

Saving Logins and Passwords
To make it easier for users to login and use this amazing software, Folx can remember passwords for various websites that require authentication before downloading data. That means that the next time you access such a website, you won’t have to waste more time to input your username and password, Folx will store the credentials for any HTTP or FTP website and use them to login automatically.

YouTube Downloader
Not only that it does excellently at downloading torrents and data, but Folx proves once again that it is the best torrent client with its extra features. You can download music from YouTube in just a few clicks and choose to save it as MP3 audio or MP4 video on your computer.

3. What happened to 64 bit uTorrent app for Mac

Well, it looks like we’re dealing with the end of two big eras in the world of technology. First of all, we see that the 32 bit architecture is making way for the much more advanced 64 bit for good on all platforms and devices. And the other one seems to be the shift from locally installed apps to doing everything in the browser and in the cloud.

Even though it may seem weird at first, BitTorrent Inc’s choice of not delivering a 64 bit uTorrent Mac version and go on with the Web version instead, is a strong sign that this is becoming a trend. After almost 11 years of reliability and stability, Mac OS users will not be able to have uTorrent as an app on their computers. However, since we can’t really blame Apple for making their new OS not compatible with 32 bit apps, there’s no reason why uTorrent couldn’t produce a 64 bit version for their torrent client.

The only logic explanation for this choice is that uTorrent is already preparing for the next step in BitTorrent data and, as always, want to be the go-to client for users around the world even without delivering a 64 bit uTorrent Mac app.

Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 32.81MB size
Version 5.15.13938 (26th Jan, 2020) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication
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