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Free Download Manager for Mac

Folx is a powerful and easy-to-use download manager for Mac fully compatible with the latest macOS Catalina. Its multiple useful settings and unique system of sorting the content offer total control of the download process.
Requires macOS 10.9 or later

Free IDM Replacement for Mac

Optimized for Retina displays, Folx possesses a true Mac-style interface. It offers a highly effective way of tagging and storing the downloaded content and allows previewing it thanks to integration with Quick Look.

Folx and its unique features

Folx splits the downloads into simultaneous threads (from two and up to 20) to boost the download speed, auto-resumes downloads in case the connection was broken and allows you to add new download tasks in several ways.

Handy tagging feature

With Folx tagging feature you get to store downloaded files in a smart and convenient way. Your downloads are saved into folders according to the tags you’ve assigned. You are free to assign as many tags to one file as you wish - you'll always find it quickly even if you can remember only one tag. Thanks to Spotlight integration you don’t have to start Folx to look for the needed file.

In-built torrent searchPRO

With the PRO version of Folx you can benefit from an amazing feature – searching for torrents directly from Folx interface. You won’t need to browse through multiple torrent trackers to find exactly what you need.

Type your query

Just type the keyword into Folx search bar. The results will be aggregated from multiple trackers supported by our downloader.

Choose the torrent and download it

Choose the required file from the search results and click Download next to it. Child's play!

“Folx is absolutely my number one choice as a free download manager for Mac. What I love the most in its PRO version, is a powerful in-built torrent searcher. With the torrent search from the app I've really forgotten about scrolling down tons of torrent sites with annoying ads popping out of nowhere. I just search for the torrent in Folx and get suitable BitTorrent downloads in a minute. Surely it's the app one must have.” Michael Banne
Folx Search

Reliable Mac Torrent Client

Folx is a powerful torrent client for downloading torrents to your Mac as well as creating new torrent files to share them with other people. Advanced management options like scheduling, prioritizing tasks and speed adjustment make the download process fast and comprehensive. Assigning one or several tags to the tasks lets you easily find the downloaded files.

Open magnet links

The vast majority of torrent sites nowadays host magnet links instead of the original torrent files, which means one doesn't need to download a torrent file before downloading the content. Magnet links ultimately save the bandwidth and the downloading time. However most of browsers fail recognizing magnet links. But it's not a problem with Folx. The app fully supports magnet links. All you need to get started is simply click on the magnet link on a web page.

Folx Mac Downloader Features

Browser integration

Folx is fully compatible with Safari, Firefox, Opera and Chrome. You can enable Folx to automatically catch download links in browsers, configuring what file types Folx is allowed to intercept. Additionally, installing a special Folx extension permits integration of Folx into your browser’s context menu, making “Download With Folx”, “Download All With Folx” and “Download Selected With Folx” items available in the context menu.

Direct downloads using Proxy

A proxy server is an intermediary between your Mac and the Internet. Using it provides a large number of advantages, like privacy and security, bandwidth saving for large networks or control of the Internet usage for corporate networks. Whatever reason you choose to connect to the Internet via Proxy, you can still use Folx for regular downloads (HTTP). You may configure some Proxy settings like proxy type you use, the proxy server name, etc.


Folx is a download manager with multi-threading support, which means each download can be split in up to 20 simultaneous threads. Since multiple connections are initiated to the same server, a download speed can improve significantly.

Adjusting the speedPRO

With smart speed control enabled, Folx will automatically adjust download or upload speed if there is Internet traffic from a browser or another app. So you can still have a satisfactory surfing speed while Folx is working on the downloads.

Tasks schedulingPRO

Folx PRO scheduler permits to take full control over your downloads by setting the time to start and finish them. Choose whether to shut down the computer, switch to sleeping mode or quit Folx once the downloads are completed. Moreover, Folx can start automatically when your computer is on, and will perform all the appointed tasks without your direct participation.

Creating Apple Music playlistsPRO

With Music integration enabled for a specific tag, all media marked with this tag will automatically appear in your Music (former iTunes) library. Music integration works only for the files supported by Apple Music.

Save online videosPRO

Folx can download online videos hosted by YouTube or just extract a soundtrack in MP3 format out of them, if you don't need a whole video. You can choose the desired video format and quality among the available ones. Downloading of age-restricted and protected videos is also supported.

Login and password autofillPRO

Folx built-in password manager can safely store your passwords for different websites and FTP servers, as well as for the sites with web authentication, so you don't need to enter login and password each time you are adding a download from this website. Folx PRO version lets you keep as many passwords as you want, while you can store only two passwords in free version.

FREE and PRO Versions Comparison

# Features Free PRO
1 Multi-threading (up to 20 threads)
2 Downloads scheduling
3 Music (former iTunes) integration
4 Smart speed adjustment
5 In-built torrents search
6 YouTube video downloading
7 In-built unlimited password saver
8 High download speed
9 Splitting downloads in two threads
10 Resuming downloads automatically

FAQ about Mac download managers

A downloader is a stand-alone tool that manages the downloading of files from the Internet to your Mac. A download manager doesn't just transfer files from a remote server or device to your computer, but also lets you manage the whole process, offering for example the ability to resume a download after connection failure. A download manager also makes downloads faster since it can initiate multiple connections to the same server.
Having a software tool that replaces the native download function in a web browser is a good idea when you need to download a large number of files simultaneously, especially if they are large.

One more reason is a high download speed which essentially is not the basic purpose of a browser. Download managers work much faster than the default browser downloaders since they can split a single file into numerous parts to download them simultaneously. This helps increase the download speed.

Moreover, with a download manager you can always control traffic allocation by adjusting the bandwidth or by downloading large files at night to avoid traffic congestion.

Another great thing is that download managers let you organize your downloads. For example, Folx allows scheduling downloads and prioritizing tasks.
The basic difference between a direct download and torrenting is that a direct download is from a single source. It's a straight download from a server. When a lot of people are downloading from the same server at the same time, it slows down the download speed significantly.

With torrents, this isn't the case. Torrenting is peer to peer, which means that files are available from the server as well as from peers. This reduces the strain on the server and results in higher download speed. However, you will need a torrent client to download from torrent sites. Folx is not just a basic download manager, but a smart torrent client as well. Thus you can choose between a normal download or torrenting according to your current needs.
The download speed on your Mac depends on many factors. Some of them are external ones which we can hardly handle, like speed limitations set by a website or the type of wires your Internet Service Provider uses to transmit the Internet signal. The other factors are actually the system ones and can be successfully controlled by an accurate management of the download process in general. The useful tips may be not to start multiple downloads at a time, to pause less important downloads to provide more traffic to the most urgent ones or to limit your upload rate. The fastest and the most comprehensive way to boost your download speed is to adjust the special features your download manager provides. Folx, for example, possesses a whole spectrum of useful features which help to speed up your downloads.
Surely you can use Folx as your reliable IDM alternative on Mac, since Folx is a fast and easy-to-use download manager which provides smart speed control, handy tagging system, lets you schedule your downloads and much more. Read the full list of special download features provided by Folx, including torrent downloading.
No doubt Folx can be considered the best Mac downloader being a download manager and a torrent client at the same time. We've compared Folx with other top-ranked Mac downloaders and Mac torrent clients and can proudly say that it rightfully occupies the leading positions in both ratings.
Well, there are quite a few methods of searching for the required torrents in the Internet like using Google search, browsing methodically through numerous torrent sites, etc. Those methods are sometimes time consuming and can end up being misleading. The simplest way is surely to use a special torrent search app like Folx. Folx for Mac will look up the desired torrents on multiple popular torrent trackers and display the list of the most relevant results.
Choosing the best torrent client for macOS is not a trivial task as many factors should be taken into consideration. A torrent client should be powerful but lightweight, and provide advanced options which will let you totally control and adjust the whole process, like downloads scheduling and speed control.

We've compared the most popular Mac BitTorrent clients of 2019 to help you with this sometimes tough task of finding a perfect app.

Folx tips & tricks

We are listing interesting facts, how to articles and usage scenarios for Folx on this page. You are welcome to follow the link and find useful info over there.
What customers say
    • 4.5
    I started using Folx as a free downloader for Mac when I switched to OS X from Windows. As I download mainly torrents, I decided to upgrade to the PRO version because of the in-built tool for torrent files searching. It's quite straightforward and reliable, and doesn't contain adware or malware, like some torrent search engines. Folx can also download online videos, a nice bonus I believe.
    John Davidson

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List of best torrent trackers to use with Folx

Here you can find a list of the most popular torrent sites in the world where you can find everything you need and download it using Folx

The Pirate Bay

There’s no doubt about it. The Pirate Bay is the biggest Torrent tracker out there and among the first websites to take the file sharing to the next level. With a huge database of torrents and a very tight community always making sure the content is up to date and of high quality, this is the best choice you can make.

KickAss Torrents

Offering top-quality torrents from a wide range of categories, KickAss welcomes its users with a very friendly interface and filters to rapidly identify the torrents they are looking for. No matter if you are looking for the latest movies, TV shows, computer games, software or ebooks, KickAss offers everything you may need.


Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with your display, that’s the actual name of this futuristic Torrent tracker. 1337x is best known for its media content like movies, TV shows or documentaries, however, it hosts a lot of software, applications and educative materials at the same time. Using the optimized search bar you can always find the content you need and download it fast and safely.


YTS or YIFY as it is also know online is a top-quality torrent tracker mainly pointed at movies and TV shows. Of course, you will find other forms of media content like documentaries, movies or even ebooks, however, they are mainly focused on media content. Their main advantage over other websites offering media content as well is the high quality of the videos combined with low storage space.


Limetorrents gives you access to all the best torrents, no matter the category. It allows users to search through a huge database and find several downloads for the content they were looking for. Most of the torrents available on Limetorrents are verified by the community surrounding the website so you will never have to worry about not getting the best possible quality.


Torrentz can be better described as a torrent index rather than a tracker. Often referred to as the Google of torrents, Torrentz is capable of searching through a huge database of torrent files to deliver the very best results no matter what you are looking for. The simple interface, with just a big search bar on the homepage, makes it extremely friendly for new users.


Another torrent tracker specialized in media content, EZTV’s main speciality is TV shows. You can get up to date with all the recent episodes of your favorite TV shows by checking out this torrent website that offers categories for all the popular shows so that you can quickly download what you need.


Even though the name of this Torrent tracker may look like some letters mixed up randomly, you should know that they’re actually one of the best websites to visit when you want to download high-quality content. The predefined categories and the search bar allows you to quickly identify the titles you are looking for and the entire interface makes visiting RARBG a pleasant experience.


Most often referred to as ET, ExtraTorrent is an online index offering torrent files and magnet links from various areas. At some point it was declared the second-largest torrent website, after The Pirate Bay, however, due to fierce competition it did not maintain this status for a long time. Nonetheless, you can trust ExtraTorrent to always deliver the very best torrent files in any category of interest.