• It's simple, fast, and stylish!

    Folx file downloader for Mac has a friendly interface to offer with all needed options in tow. You can even integrate Folx with your favorite web browsers for one-click downloads. All features that this file download manager for Mac offers are carefully considered by our developers so that you only get what you really need for the best downloading experience.
  • Why choose a download tool for Mac instead of a web browser downloading

    There are multiple benefits in using download tool for Mac over a web browser, including splitting downloads in threads for faster fetching. Also a file downloader for Mac can resume broken downloads, while in a browser you'll need to start over. Folx file downloader also offers a unique system of sorting and storing of the downloaded content.
  • No clutter, no mess! Everything is neatly organized

    With Folx you are getting the top level of organization of your downloaded content. You can assign tags to files according to their type so you can always find a file no matter how long ago it was downloaded and even if you don't remember its name.
  • Torrent Client for Mac

    Additionally to being the fast file downloader for Mac, Folx makes a highly efficient torrent client app. It supports magnet links and allows creating new torrents for sharing. You can set priorities for tasks and regulate downloading and uploading speeds.


  • Fast download for Mac

    Folx is a super fast file download manager for Mac that in PRO version can split the downloads in up to 20 threads for faster downloading.
  • iTunes integration

    Folx integrates with iTunes seamlessly and all downloaded music and videos can be automatically added to playlists according to tags assigned.
  • Downloads scheduler

    Scheduling download tasks for specific time makes downloading process rather efficient. You can also tell Folx what to do once it is done downloading: quit the app, shut down the system, or switch to sleeping mode.
  • Speed control

    Download speed can be controlled manually or automatically whenever you need a proper traffic allocation among all active apps.
  • Built-in Torrent Search

    A super attractive feature for those who use P2P downloading a lot. Folx doesn't limit your selection of trackers: you can perform the search without leaving the app and get results from amultitude of supported torrent resources.
  • Download online videos

    Folx can download videos from YouTube that are private or age-restricted, also you can just save the MP3 soundtrack from the video without the need of downloading the whole thing.
  • Password manager

    For the websites you download often from, you have a possibility to save your login data, so that you don't have to enter it each time there is a new video or music file to download. Websites with web authentication are supported by Folx as well.
  • Smart Speed Adjustment

    You can control the upload and download speeds according to a specific schedule.
  • The good thing about Folx, mainly meant for downloading and managing downloaded content, is that it also works as a torrent client. The app does its job quite well.
    Stan Kovalski
    What we like about Folx is that it offers all essential download and tag management functionality for free. You will go PRO only if you need advanced features, such as scheduling downloads, etc.
  • Apart from being an essential download manager, Folx can function as accelerator. Those who extensively use torrent trackers certainly will find it very handy
    Folx is mainly meant for downloading files and managing them, it does its job well. However there is more to Folx – the app can download from YouTube in 4 version. All in all, quite a good app.
  • Folx does a pretty decent job. Downloading on my Mac is quick and efficient, and it can be regulated and adjusted according to your convenience.
    Folx is an essential tool for downloading stuff and managing it. Easy-to-use and powerful at the same time, the app does a pretty impressive job.
Download Supports Mac OS X 10.9+
List of best torrent trackers to use with Folx
Here you can find a list of the most popular torrent sites in the world where you can find everything you need and download it using Folx
There’s no doubt about it. The Pirate Bay is the biggest Torrent tracker out there and among the first websites to take the file sharing to the next level. With a huge database of torrents and a very tight community always making sure the content is up to date and of high quality, this is the best choice you can make.
Offering top-quality torrents from a wide range of categories, KickAss welcomes its users with a very friendly interface and filters to rapidly identify the torrents they are looking for. No matter if you are looking for the latest movies, TV shows, computer games, software or ebooks, KickAss offers everything you may need.
Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with your display, that’s the actual name of this futuristic Torrent tracker. 1337x is best known for its media content like movies, TV shows or documentaries, however, it hosts a lot of software, applications and educative materials at the same time. Using the optimized search bar you can always find the content you need and download it fast and safely.
YTS or YIFY as it is also know online is a top-quality torrent tracker mainly pointed at movies and TV shows. Of course, you will find other forms of media content like documentaries, movies or even ebooks, however, they are mainly focused on media content. Their main advantage over other websites offering media content as well is the high quality of the videos combined with low storage space.
Limetorrents gives you access to all the best torrents, no matter the category. It allows users to search through a huge database and find several downloads for the content they were looking for. Most of the torrents available on Limetorrents are verified by the community surrounding the website so you will never have to worry about not getting the best possible quality.
Torrentz can be better described as a torrent index rather than a tracker. Often referred to as the Google of torrents, Torrentz is capable of searching through a huge database of torrent files to deliver the very best results no matter what you are looking for. The simple interface, with just a big search bar on the homepage, makes it extremely friendly for new users.
Another torrent tracker specialized in media content, EZTV’s main speciality is TV shows. You can get up to date with all the recent episodes of your favorite TV shows by checking out this torrent website that offers categories for all the popular shows so that you can quickly download what you need.
Even though the name of this Torrent tracker may look like some letters mixed up randomly, you should know that they’re actually one of the best websites to visit when you want to download high-quality content. The predefined categories and the search bar allows you to quickly identify the titles you are looking for and the entire interface makes visiting RARBG a pleasant experience.
Most often referred to as ET, ExtraTorrent is an online index offering torrent files and magnet links from various areas. At some point it was declared the second-largest torrent website, after The Pirate Bay, however, due to fierce competition it did not maintain this status for a long time. Nonetheless, you can trust ExtraTorrent to always deliver the very best torrent files in any category of interest.