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After years of dominating the torrenting apps landscape, uTorrent seems to be taking a step down. The app is very popular among torrent users and it was the go-to software for most Mac users when it came to downloading torrents and building offline libraries. However, interestingly enough, uTorrent decided not to come with a 64-bit app when macOS Catalina was rolled out. For those users that don’t know what happened, macOS Catalina dropped support for all 32-bit apps so, in order to install any software on this new macOS, it needs to be 64-bit. However, uTorrent decided to just go with a browser-based app instead of upgrading their software.

Now, a new version of the macOS is just about to be launched and you can be sure there won’t be uTorrent Big Sure option either. However, that’s not at all bad news for all Mac users out there looking for a reliable torrenting app. With no uTorrent macOS 11 option out there, you have plenty of even better alternatives and we’ve made a list with all of them to help you find the best fit. Some of the apps on this list are even better at downloading torrents compared to uTorrent and you’ll even be able to enjoy a torrenting experience without the ads you’d get on uTorrent. So, let’s check out the best alternatives for uTorrent macOS 11 straight away!

Hints to choose from the list of top alternative to uTorrent Mac apps

  1. Consider Folx as the best uTorrent alternative on Mac
  2. Find any difference between BitTorrent and uTorrent
  3. Look at qBittorrent and uTorrent
  4. Compare Deluge and uTorrent
  5. Put together Vuze for Mac and uTorrent
  6. Match Transmission against uTorrent
  7. Make a comparison of Xtorrent P2P and uTorrent
  8. Comparing Tribler and uTorrent
  9. Differences between FrostWire and uTorrent
  10. How do they compare? BitLord and uTorrent
  11. Big Sur brings more reasons to find uTorrent alternative

1. Consider Folx as the best uTorrent alternative on Mac

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Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 36.87MB free space. Version 5.25.13974. (12 May, 2021). 4.8 Rank based on 889+ users, Reviews(858)
Category: UtilitiesApplication
Since we promised to deliver only the best uTorrent alternative 2020 has to offer, we’re starting our list with Folx - powerful and versatile torrent client that doubles as a download manager to deliver an excellent experience. It comes with a very simple to use interface and very high upload and download speeds plus the freedom to organise, move and tag downloads.

You can upgrade to the PRO version and you will receive support for scheduling your torrent downloads and searching through all the popular torrent trackers directly from the app.

Since we’re mainly looking at the advantages Folx brings to users, we have the integration with Music (former iTunes), the extra function as a password manager, scheduling torrents and searching in a huge database of torrents without leaving the app. The download speeds and multiple settings are also strong points for the app. The only unsettling thing about Folx is that it doesn’t deliver all the optional features in the free version, you need to upgrade to the PRO account.

Is Folx compatible with macOS Big Sur?
Yes, versions 5.11 and higher are fully Big Sur-compatible.

Try Folx torrent client for Big Sur
uTorrent alternative for macOS 11

2. Find any difference between BitTorrent and uTorrent

BitTorrent App

In case you didn’t know it already, BitTorrent itself is a top alternative to uTorrent Mac users can address to. Providing a similar user interface and functions with uTorrent, if you decide to go with BitTorrent you will have no problems getting around. When you also add perks like the built-in bandwidth booster or ultra speed, you get a complete torrent client.

We start the list of PROS of BitTorrent with the possibility of mapping ports automatically for separate downloads. The fact that the app is directly tied with the official BitTorrent website, it means you can easily stream torrents and instantly access all the files you wish to download. While the interface may not be as flashy as what uTorrent delivers, it isn’t enough to list that as a negative. The locked features that only become available by paying an annual subscription, on the other hand, is the main downside of BitTorrent.

Is BitTorrent compatible with macOS Big Sur?
No, not compatible at the moment (the app still stays in our list for some time in case the developers decide to add compatibility with macOS 10.15).

3. Look at qBittorrent and uTorrent

qBittorrent App

Continuing our list of top uTorrent alternative Mac users should take into consideration, we have qBittorrent. Right from the start you should know it doesn’t come with any ads so you can take that worry off your list. It is an open-source multi-platform app so you get excellent flexibility when using it no matter the operating system. Also, all of its features are available for free so you won’t have to pay for anything.

We can’t stress how important the lack of ads is when using this app. No ads or windows to close, just enjoy all the downloads you want in a safe and likeable environment. Doubling as a video player is another great option you get when using qBittorrent and adding RSS feeds as well as the thorough search function are other strong points that make this app stand out. When looking at the weak points of this software, we need to mention the inability to schedule downloads.

Is qBittorrent compatible with macOS Big Sur?
Seems to be Big Sur-compatible, we are testing the app at the moment.

4. Compare Deluge and uTorrent

Deluge BitTorrent Client App

When looking for the best alternative to uTorrent Mac, make sure to check Deluge as well. This is a free app that doesn’t come with any kind of adware. Compared to uTorrent, the features offered by Deluge are fewer, however, it does offer plugin support to make up for anything else. This means you can personalize Deluge and add exactly those features that you need most. For allowing users to build the perfect torrent client for their needs, we consider this to be a great choice.

Among the advantages, you get when using Deluge to download torrents is the complete control you get when it comes to setting the speed of all your downloads. Not only that you can assign priority and decide which download gets the most bandwidth, but you also can tell the app to not go over a certain download speed limit so that all your other apps run well. Another awesome feature the software brings is its open source and the flexibility it offers. On the downside, if you only look at the base app, the number of features and functions it offers are not even comparable with uTorrent.

Is Deluge compatible with macOS Big Sur?
The app is working in macOS 10.15, our tech team is now performing necessary tests.

5. Put together Vuze for Mac and uTorrent

Vuze App

The next macOS uTorrent alternative on our list is Vuze and it delivers the possibility to browse torrents without leaving the app among many other functions. A cool thing that we didn’t see at other suggestions so far is the ability to access your downloads remotely. Even though it may sound like something you won’t use that much, only when you use it will you realise how useful it is. Also, another thing that makes Vuze stand out is the wide range of personalisation options. You have your own feed that will get populated with torrents that you subscribe to so that you see the content that interest you first. It can double as a video player capable of playing XVID, AVI or Quicktime and it even supports subtitles.

When you get a uTorrent service that also comes with plug-ins support and a built-in torrent search function, you know you’re going to have a great time. When to all that you also get a video player and the possibility to personalize the types of torrents you see when opening the app, things are even greater. Looking for negatives was not an easy task as this app does everything by the book, however, the presence of more ads than you would normally see on uTorrent or other suggestions on this list, can count as one.

Is Vuze compatible with macOS Big Sur?
Users report some compatibility issues of Vuze in Big Sur that require additional tests our tech team is performing right now.

6. Match Transmission against uTorrent

Transmission App

Fast and easy, Transmission is a free software that is dedicated for Mac users. Also available on Linux, this quick and effective tool comes with a minimal user interface to allow you to focus only on what matters the most - high-quality and fast downloads. You can also opt to get Transmission as a web client and integrate it with Safari, Chrome, Mozilla or Opera and get things done even faster.

When using Transmission as best alternative to uTorrent on Mac you won’t ever get stuck in the process of accessing and downloading your favourite torrents. Its user interface is the best example that keeping things simple and efficient is the best way to go. Besides that, the lack of toolbars or annoying ads is also boosting the user experience and make the app run extremely fast and focus all its power on downloads. If we look at the disadvantages that come with Transmission, we need to mention the lack of interest shown by the developers towards building a website to match the functionality and efficiency of the app itself.

Is Transmission compatible with macOS Big Sur?
Transmission is one of the apps working in Big Sur. We are researching its compatibility with macOS 10.15 at the moment.

7. Make a comparison of Xtorrent P2P and uTorrent

Xtorrent P2P App

We close our list with Xtorrent P2P, an awesome uTorrent alternative for Mac OS X that all users can access if they want high download speeds, an easy and good-looking interface and enough functions to go with. It is built with the users in mind so that navigating through the app is effortless and you will instantly know what buttons to push and which sections to go to for getting all your favourite content. It also offers a paid version that has download speed boosts, bulk downloading and several other perks that are appreciated by pro users.

The interface this app provides is one of its biggest strengths. Besides that, the straightforward way you can add all your favorite torrents in the queue and organise the downloads is also appreciated by beginners and experienced torrent users alike. Not getting all the features in the free version, even for a trial period is one of the main downsides of Xtorrent P2P.

Is Xtorrent P2P compatible with macOS Big Sur?
Big Sur compatibility is not confirmed at the moment. Our tech team is currently testing Xtorrent P2P in macOS 10.15.

8. Comparing Tribler and uTorrent


Tribler is a good uTorrent alternative for Mac Big Sur that focuses on ease of use, rather than offering a wide range of features. One of the main differences between Tribler and uTorrent is that Tribler is an ad-free application, while uTorrent is infamous for the amount of ads contained in its service. Among these two apps, uTorrent is definitely the more popular choice, and it offers the most features, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a better choice than Tribler. You have to find the torrent client that’s right for you and what you’re looking to do.

Tribler offers a built-in P2P search engine and is available to download at no cost, with no ads! This software also allows you to watch videos while you’re downloading, so you can check the quality before you commit. Lastly, Tribler offers P2P onion routing in order to provide anonymity to its users.

However, some Tribler users report that the software can be buggy and is prone to crashes. It also does not allow super seeding or tracker exchange. Please keep these things in mind before you download.

Is Tribler compatible with macOS Big Sur?
Tribler is also compatible with Mac’s latest OS: Big Sur.

9. Differences between FrostWire and uTorrent


FrostWire is one of the oldest BitTorrent alternatives for Mac still on the market. It was created in 2004 and is still going strong. This application can also act as a media player for both your downloading videos and music, as well as a torrent search engine capable of searching BitTorrent, YouTube, SoundCloud, and various other video on demand and torrenting services. Much like Tribler, FrostWire is also an ad-free program, making it less frustrating to use than uTorrent.

FrostWire is another completely free, open-source program. It is capable of handling large files and folders and allows its user to download magnet links to make for more efficient, safer torrent downloading.

Some users complain, though, that FrostWire is unable to add custom websites in its search bar feature. Also, FrostWire has been known to install unnecessary programs on your computer without your consent when downloading.

Is FrostWire compatible with macOS Big Sur?
The developers of the app confirm that FrostWire is Big Sur-compatible starting with version 6.8.3.

10. How do they compare? BitLord and uTorrent


BitLord prides itself on being the most simple to use torrent client out there, but if you’re running Mac’s newest OS, Big Sur, you won’t be able to run it. If you’re new to downloading torrents, BitLord is probably a good choice for you as its simplistic interface is easy to navigate and intuitive. If you’re a seasoned torrent downloader, you might find BitLord a bit too simple and lacking in features.

BitTorrent offers direct steaming, meaning that you can watch your videos or listen to your music while the files are still downloading. BitLord also offers a built-in search feature, much like the other torrent clients we’ve featured here. It’s a lightweight program that won’t take up too much space on your hard drive, as well.

Some users complain that BitLord lacks many features that come standard on most torrent clients. This program is also not an open-source software, so the user cannot access the code and modify it to their liking. Lastly, many users complain that BitLord’s developers are not very proactive about fixing bugs and posting updates to their software.

Is BitLord compatible with macOS Big Sur?
As of February 2020, BitLord is not compatible with Mac’s latest OS, Catalina, and therefore not a good alternative to uTorrent for Mac.

11. Big Sur brings more reasons to find uTorrent alternative

With the introduction of the new macOS, things are going to get a lot better for users. Big Sur takes macOS to the next step with a wide collection of functions and a new design. In Big Sur you will be able to enjoy more streamlined apps, no matter if we’re talking about full-height sidebars, or freshly-looking toolbars, you will be able to enjoy your favorite apps to the full.

The dock that makes your work and life easier gets an update as well in Big Sur. All icons placed here get a uniform shape while accessing them remains just as easy and straightforward.

Other features that Big Sur brings to the table is the Control Center that easily allows you to make settings on your Mac. From turning Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / AirDrop on and off, place the Mac in Do not Disturb, or adjusting the sound and brightness, everything can be tweaked the way you like it. Of course, we couldn’t end the list on the improvements brought by the new macOS Big Sur without mentioning the new Safari browser. Unfortunately, for uTorrent fans, this will be the only way they will be able to enjoy their favorite app. uTorrent Big Sur, just like it was the case with Catalina, won’t be getting a standalone app version. Luckily for you, there are plenty of alternatives out there and you can get even more for your torrenting needs.

Glance back at top uTorrent alternatives compatible with Big Sur

Hoping that the information on uTorrent Big Sur alternatives was enough for you to find the perfect tool for your torrenting needs. The new versions of macOS, Catalina and Big Sur have helped to expose flaws in uTorrent’s functionality and, luckily for all Mac users, there were other software providers ready to step in and provide even better services. Big Sur is definitely a step forward for all macOS users and the apps that are compatible with it are going to function even better in the new conditions. You should keep in mind that any software developer that was ready to redo their apps from scratch and make them compatible with the 64-bit format are showing great interest towards their users, opposed to the ones that went for the easy way out and went for web-based apps.

If, after checking out all the alternatives, you’re still having trouble deciding on the best uTorrent macOS 11 alternative, we warmly recommend Folx as it’s easy to use, comes with a lot of great features, and it’s especially designed to work with macOS Big Sur and any other updates that may come.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, uTorrent is still available for use with Mac’s Big Sur OS, but it is only available via your internet browser. Big Sur users can no longer download the actual program as it is not 64-bit compatible. It’s our belief that the internet version of uTorrent, or any other torrent client for that matter, is not nearly as good as a downloadable program. That is why this article has sought to provide you with options for a Mac uTorrent alternative.

This is a subjective question. Everyone has their preferences when it comes to choosing a torrent client or a uTorrent Mac alternative. The purpose of this article is to provide you with information on the many options out there so that you can choose which works best for your needs. Neither BitTorrent or uTorrent are available to download if you’re running Mac’s Catalina OS, so you will have to use the online versions either way. We will say that BitTorrent offers a few features that uTorrent doesn’t, but that doesn’t necessarily make it the better choice.

What you may not know is that BitTorrent, Inc, is the developer of both uTorrent and BitTorrent clients, so the two programs share many features and both are among top torrent apps.

Primarily because uTorrent is no longer available to download if you’re using Mac’s Catalina, Big Sur OSs. uTorrent does offer an online version, but it leaves much to be desired, so we believe you’re better off choosing one of the torrent clients we’ve reviewed above.

We believe that, overall, Folx Pro is the best choice for a uTorrent Mac alternative. It is fully compatible with Mac’s Big Sur OS, and it is currently one of the only torrent clients out there that you can download onto your computer that’s running on this operating system. Folx offers many awesome features, such as:

  • A built-in search engine that scans multiple torrent sites at once and provides you with the best, most reliable torrents to download.
  • Queuing and scheduling options: Prioritize some torrents over others, and/or choose when you’d like them to download. For example, you can schedule torrents to download overnight so they don’t take up bandwidth during the day when you’re working on other things.
  • Easy integration with Mac’s Music app (formerly iTunes).
  • Incredibly fast download and upload speeds.
  • Folx can be used as YourBitTorrent downloader for Mac.
Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 36.87MB size
Version 5.25.13974 (12 May, 2021) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication