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MacOS Catalina has already gone live in October, and with its launch we are sorry to inform you that Apple is dropping support for 32-bit apps. One of the most popular apps that still used the 32-bit format is uTorrent. And as we know that many of you were sad to hear that, we’ve compiled a list that contains the best uTorrent alternative for Catalina. Without further ado, let’s take a look!

64-bit torrent clients making uTorrent alternative in macOS 10.15:

  1. Folx
  2. Deluge
  3. Transmission
  4. qBittorrent
  5. Vuze
  6. Tribler
  7. Must-have features of uTorrent alternative for Catalina

1. Folx

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Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 33.16MB free space. Version 5.19.13945. (31 May, 2020). 4.8 Rank based on 889+ users, Reviews(858)
Category: UtilitiesApplication
Folx is one of the best uTorrent alternatives for Catalina on Mac. If you are looking for efficiency, you should really consider this user-friendly app.

Folx also has great features when it comes to downloads, such as prioritizing, and tagging, which makes the search process much more easier. This app has support of very useful magnet links that make the whole process even faster, unlike some other regular uTorrent alternative macOS Catalina torrent clients.

You also have the possibility of choosing the PRO version and the main advantage is that you have a built-in search engine on your Mac. If you want to use it in order to search for different torrent files on trackers, all you have to do is to type a keyword and the app will instantly display a list of results that are most relevant to you.

All this sweet talk is possible only if you have the PRO version. If you don’t want to buy it, you will not be able to access these great features.

And since we mentioned features, we bet you would like to get a more detailed view of what exactly Folx is capable of offering as a uTorrent Mac Catalina alternative. So, if you want to know what exactly are you getting when using Folx for downloading torrent files, we have you covered.

Torrent Search
More than just being able to download torrent files, you are getting a powerful search engine with Folx PRO. This allows you to rapidly identify all the files that match the keywords you entered in the dedicated search bar and easily go through them to make sure you get exactly the content you are looking for. This does not only save you plenty of time by not downloading the wrong files, but it’s also an extra layer of protection by not having to use external search engines.

Complete Scheduling Control
A feature that wouldn’t be possible on uTorrent Catalina but is easily made available by Folx PRO involves the scheduling of downloads. If you know you’re going to get involved in activities that require your full bandwidth, simply schedule the downloads to start at night when nobody is using the internet. Besides being able to control exactly when a download starts, you can also tell Folx PRO what to do once the download is finished. You can choose to shut the computer down, go to sleep or exit the app.

Automatic Sync with Apple Music
Another feature you’re getting when choosing this uTorrent alternative Mac app is being able to sync the audio files on your Mac through Apple Music - the former iTunes. Everything gets arranged in playlists and you can use a tagging system when downloading so that you have everything exactly where you want it. It’s efficient, simple and stress-free.

Saving Passwords and Login Data
Using Folx as your uTorrent for Mac Catalina alternative, you will no longer need to remember all those login credentials for the private sites you visit. Folx and remember the passwords and usernames for the sites that require authentication and you will no longer waste time remembering or having to insert them manually. Folx will remember the credentials for any FTP or HTTP website and insert the automatically when you login.

YouTube downloader
When talking about features that any other torrent Mac Catalina downloader will only dream about, downloading videos from YouTube is one of them. Luckily for you, Folx PRO is capable of taking care of this function for you as well. So, besides downloading any torrent Catalina file you will also be able to build your offline media library. Save your favorite videos in MP4 or MP4 in just a few clicks.

2. Deluge

Deluge torrent client for Mac

Deluge is an uTorrent alternative. MacOS 10.15 is also included on the supported list of operating system versions. What you will like about this app is that it looks like a Linux Gnome, thanks to the GTK+ base. If you are looking for a lightweight app, you are in the wrong place because this one takes up a lot of space. Even though that might be a problem, it still supports plugins, which is a great thing for advanced users to play with. Deluge combines the features of a simple app with a client-server. When used, you will encounter 3 interfaces: desktop, browser and command line.

When in search of a torrent, users try to find the best app that can be an alternative for Mac and also have the possibility to change the speed limit, which can make it practical. Deluge has this feature and so many more, like renaming and expand using plugins and RSS. What this app also has it’s the fact that it is an open-source.

The features that Deluge owns are good, but they are not comparable to other apps that have better ones. This is a problem you should consider before starting to use this uTorrent alternative Mac OS X 10.15.

3. Transmission

Transmission torrent client for Mac

Transmission is a very good uTorrent alternative. Mac OS X Catalina supports it natively. Unlike others, this app is very lightweight, meaning that it does not take up a lot of space on the RAM, it can support magnet links and it can give you a list of local systems that are connected to yours. Without any doubt, this is one of the best torrenting apps, and that is because it is easy to use and you can open torrent files with it. This app offers you the normal package of features, such as support, tracker editing, and even exchange peers. You can totally incorporate Transmission in your Mac.

This app’s interface will not cause you any problem since is made in a way that you get to have the best experience ever. Why is that? The main interface does not feature toolbars or irrelevant ads that can destroy your good time. Thanks to the support for the Weebseed platform, Transmission is now able to stream for a long time by any user.

This uTorrent alternative working in Catalina, of course, needs some improvements especially in the matter of speed, as it is the usual problem of any alternative for Mac.

4. qBittorrent


qBittorrent is an open-source app and it was designed to deliver an excellent replacement for uTorrent users. So, it does not only offer a lot of features that are also available in the uTorrent Mac OS Catalina, but it also comes with a familiar interface. With qBittorrent you are getting plenty of features like a built-in RSS feed, a fully-functional Search Engine and the ability to handle magnet links. The list of functions includes peer exchange protocol, distributed hash table, as well as local peer discovery. Among the most amazing features you are getting with this free app we also need to include the support for private torrents, encrypted connections and prioritizing bandwidth. If you also want to create torrents you have a function supporting this activity as well and just like uTorrent, you can queue torrents and make sure you have IPv6 support as well as versions for other operating systems such as Linux, Windows or FreeBSD.

The positive things about qBittorrent that we simply have to emphasize on are its excellent user interface that makes operation a breeze. You don’t need previous experience with such software to figure out what you need to do. Also, the ability to prioritize certain downloads over others is very good for when want to speed up the download on a certain torrent. And, if you want to create a torrent of your own, you can do that through the torrent creation tool that is included.

On the other hand, since we’re talking of an open-source app, certain bugs can appear from time to time. These things are common with open-source apps but it shouldn’t disturb your overall experience too much.

Catalina compatibility
You will be able to use qBittorent on macOS Catalina without a worry. The app is 100% compatible so that you can download your favorite torrents on the latest macOS.

5. Vuze


If you’re all about getting a high-quality torrent client Mac Catalina-compatible, it’s well worth giving Vuze a shot. It delivers a wide list of advantages and perks like the ability to reach your downloads from a remote location, a smooth interface or a search engine that’s built-in the app. With Vuze, you’re not just getting a top-notch torrent client but you also receive support for Magnet links and access to bundles as well as the possibility to play the media you’re downloading in the app. The integrated metasearch makes it easy to access any file and make sure you are only downloading the things you need. Furthermore, when going for the Vuze+ version, the paid one, you are also getting the ability to burn DVD’s and a built-in antivirus guard.

The app has a lot of pros, evident from the first time you try it out. The support for magnet links is one of them since it gives you more ways to download your favorite content. Of course, doubling as a media player is also very convenient since you don’t have to look for another app to play your media torrents. Last but definitely not least, the Powerful built-in search engine is another strong point of this app.

Despite having plenty of great features, the downside for Vuze is that you won’t be able to access the most advanced ones without getting the Vuze+ paid version.

Catalina compatibility
While the app is compatible with macOS Catalina, there are some things yet to be fixed. For example, installing Vuze on macOS Catalina could be troublesome and the video converting features is not yet available.

6. Tribler


Another torrent downloader for Mac Catalina that can and will replace uTorrent in a blink of an eye is Tribler. This application is not only one that ensures perfect downloads of a high number of torrent files from multiple sources, but comes with a built-in anonymity guard that makes it impressive. Of course, you shouldn’t take everything for granted given the app has under a year of existence, however, this torrent client for Mac Catalina proved its worth so far. And even though some bugs may still appear, you can be sure it’s going to deliver the expected service 99% of the time. It uses something similar to the Tor system to ensure your downloads are private so you won’t require a VPN service on top. And while it may not offer the full range of features other suggestions in our list do, it’s innovative approach makes it worth a try.

There’s plenty to love about Tribler and the integrated VPN software is definitely one of features that make this app stand out from the crowd. Even though it has plenty of features, the user interface makes it easy to navigate the app and considering that you’re looking at a 100% open-source app, the results are awesome.

On the downside, being an open-source app you could encounter situations in which the features may not work properly. Despite the team of dedicated developers providing support so that Tribler continues to impress as many users as possible, this could be troublesome for most users.

Catalina compatibility
Being one of the few torrent clients compatible with macOS Catalina, Tribler hold slight advantage over other suggestions that still did not make this fact clear. This makes it an excellent tool to download torrents on the new version of macOS, however, remember that adding it on your Mac will be more difficult due to the fact the safety protocols are not going to recognize it most of the time.

7. Must-have features of uTorrent alternative for Catalina

When you are looking for the best uTorrent for Catalina alternative you might want to consider something that is lightweight and fast at the same time, that enables you to search for torrents and schedule your downloads. More importantly than this, you will need something that is safe and does not contain any adware, malware etc. Support for magnet links is mandatory and web-browser integration is a must indeed.

When we look at this list, we can clearly see that Folx is the most powerful solution for every MacOS user’s download needs. This is due to its great integration of powerful features such as the ones mentioned above.


The main reason you will need to think about an alternative for the uTorrent app on Mac is because of the new macOS release. As many of you may already know, macOS Catalina no longer supports 32-bit applications and since uTorrent did not express an intention to develop a 64-bit version of the app, you will need to find a replacement. Sure, uTorrent is going to switch its leading torrent client towards a web-based app, however, for the onest that want to have a dedicated app for torrenting this will not be enough. At the time being, Folx PRO is the best alternative to uTorrent for macOS Catalina and there’s a high number of users that think this judging by the popularity of Folx in downloads. Furthermore, looking for an uTorrent alternative for Mac can bring new features that you would not be able to enjoy on uTorrent before.
When talking about the main difference between 32 and 64-bit apps we need to mention the type of processor they are designed for. While the 32-bit processors are only able to deal with a limited amount of Random Access Memory - RAM - the 64-bit processors can handle much more. In an applied example, for a Windows operating system, the 32-bit processors can only handle 4GB of RAM, having more than that, will mean it won’t be used. So, getting back to the apps, this means they will run slower even if your system is very performant and has plenty of RAM. This happens because the apps were designed to work on that capped RAM capacity.
While there’s nothing that makes uTorrent not safe for Mac, the recent macOS Catalina update makes the app no longer viable for Mac users that did the upgrade. Not offering support for 32-bit apps, the new operating system can’t run the apps that did not switch to 64-bit versions. And, unfortunately, that’s the case for uTorrent as well. The developers decided to switch to a web-based version of the app instead of coming up with a 64-bit version. And that’s why, all Mac users that upgraded to macOS Catalina will need to look for a viable alternative to uTorrent.
This is the type of question that has a different answer from one user to another. It’s mostly about the way you are planning to use the torrent client, however, there are features that apply to all users. So, instead of telling you which client is the best for you, we are going to tell you the criteria we applied to create the list we presented above. Download speed is always important, that’s why Folx PRO turned out to be the best in our list of recommendations because it can deliver speed and quality while also allowing you to configure the way downloads take place. Another feature is the ability to schedule downloads and limit the bandwidth when you simply need it for something else. Being able to tag the downloads so you can properly organize them is another feature you must want if you are planning to store the content on another device.
Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 33.16MB size
Version 5.19.13945 (31 May, 2020) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication
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