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You probably already know that macOS 10.15 is not supporting 32-bit apps at all. Of course, most app developers had known it long before. Some of them released Catalina-compatible version for their apps and some decided not to deliver a 64-bit version. The one that caught our attention the most was uTorrent. Knowing that a lot of people use the 32-bit uTorrent Classic app, we’ve compiled a list of the best 64-bit uTorrent alternative Mac app. Even if you’re determined to stick with uTorrent the Web version they’re proposing to use in macOS Catalina might not cut it and you need to be aware of your options.

Let’s find the best uTorrent alternative 64- bit for Mac

  1. Folx
  2. Transmission
  3. Deluge
  4. qBitTorrent
  5. Tribler
  6. Vuze
  7. Tips on choosing 64-bit uTorrent alternative Mac

1. Folx

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Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 35.92MB free space. Version 5.21.13951. (5 Aug, 2020). 4.8 Rank based on 889+ users, Reviews(858)
Category: UtilitiesApplication
One of the best 64-bit uTorrent alternatives for Mac is actually Folx. This great app is very popular among users because of its speed, making this app very efficient. Moreover, you get lots of different options for your downloads, such as prioritizing and tagging that also helps you when you will later search for the specific download.

Unlike other apps that just download, create and upload torrents, this one makes the job faster and much easier.

Folx also has a PRO version that features a built-in search engine, meaning that you will not waste any more time browsing torrent trackers. If you want to find something, you just need to enter the keyword and Folx will instantly give you a list of results.

Here’s a list of a few other features that Folx Pro offers to simplify your torrent downloading process:

  • • Folx PRO allows you to set automatic speed control on your downloads, based on the priority of the downloads.
  • • Folx PRO lets you schedule downloads at specific times. If you work from your computer during the day, you probably don’t want Internet downloads slowing down your processor and using up your Internet bandwidth. Folx PRO allows you to schedule downloads to begin when you’re away from your computer.
  • • Folx PRO has the capability to split your downloads into multiple threads, which can significantly improve the speed at which they download.
  • • Folx PRO is fully compatible with Apple Music (formerly iTunes).
  • • Folx PRO can save your login credentials for HTTP and FTP websites you use on a regular basis.
  • • As we mentioned above, Folx PRO also has an awesome built-in torrent search option. No more scouring the internet for reliable torrent websites that don’t inundate your computer with ads. Just do a search in the Folx app and it will find the highest quality, most seeded downloads for you!

Let’s look at Folx PRO as 64-bit uTorrent alternative for Mac in details

First of all, a uTorrent 64-bit download is no longer available as a downloadable application if you’re using Mac’s latest operating system: Catalina. The new version of uTorrent is no longer compatible with Mac’s 64-bit OS. If you’d like to continue using uTorrent on your Mac, you either have to not upgrade to the Catalina OS, or you can use the online version of uTorrent software called uTorrent Web for Mac. But, we think the latter option is far less reliable than the older versions of uTorrent that you could download as an application onto your Mac.

The main features that Folx has in comparison to other uTorrents are the fact that you can incorporate it in the Music (formerly iTunes) app and that you can search for torrents right in the apps main window. What makes Folx the best is that you can control the speed of your downloads and also you can schedule what to download when.

The only problem with Folx is that if you want to unlock awesome features, you have to pay for the PRO version, but at just $19.95 for one user, we think that Folx PRO is more than worth it. You can upgrade to Folx PRO here.

We’ve listed some of the coolest features of Folx PRO in the section above, but here, we will dive a bit deeper into them.

  • Search option: This is not a reliable feature you’ll find on uTorrent 64 bit for Web Mac — there is no native uTorrent search option. Instead, the online version of uTorrent opens up a Google search for you, meaning it does basically the same thing you would do if you were searching for torrents on the web.

    Folx PRO offers a search bar that simplifies the process of searching for torrents. Instead of going to tons of different websites looking for a certain torrent, or doing a search for a torrent in Google (which is very unreliable), Folx PRO searches hundreds of torrent sites for you with just one input. This way, you don’t have to worry about scouring through multiple websites with their non-stop pop up windows and ads.

  • Scheduling downloads: Another feature you will not find on uTorrent Web for Mac. This option allows you to prioritize your bandwidth, according to your schedule. So if you’re using your computer for other tasks while you’re searching for torrents, you can schedule those torrents to actually download when you’re away from your computer, and therefore not using as much bandwidth. With Folx PRO, you can also choose how your computer should behave after it’s finished downloading: shut down, stay open, restart, etc.

  • Sync to Apple Music automatically: This feature is definitely not available on the web version of uTorrent. Folx PRO will organize your music into playlists and/or by the tags you create.

  • Automatically save login and password credentials: Folx PRO remembers all of your user information and passwords for any websites that require you to log in. Folx stores all of your authentication information for HTTP and FTP websites, so you don’t have to remember a bunch of random usernames and passwords.

  • Download videos from YouTube: Unlike its competitor, uTorrent Web for Mac, Folx PRO has a cool feature that lets you download content from YouTube and save it on your computer. You can choose between downloading music or downloading videos, and Folx PRO allows you to save them as .MP3 or .MP4 files.

2. Transmission

Transmission torrent client

Transmission is another fast uTorrent alternative 64-bit for Mac that you might want to consider. This app does not take too much on the RAM because it does not need many resources and it can tell you what local systems are connected to yours. For the past years, this app has been named the best torrent app by the clients. Transmission is easy to use and it’s great if you want to use it as a file opener. This app has awesome features and some of the best are encryption, tracker editing, and web interface. What you never knew is that Transmission can also be incorporated in OS.

Comparing to uTorrent, this app won’t cause you any problems when using the interface because it is made in a way that is user-friendly. On the interface, you do not encounter useless toolbars or ads that can ruin your Transmission experience. The best part about it is that this app has the support of Webseed that helps the stream to be endless.

Even though it is a good alternative as a uTorrent alternative 64-bit Mac, it still has some problems and one of the main ones is that it was not build up in a way to resonate with the platform and if they want to become the best, they need further improvements.

3. Deluge

Deluge torrent client

Deluge is also made for BitTorrent networks and is available for Mac OS X. What you will enjoy about this app is that its interface makes you feel like its Linux Gnome, maybe because its was created on GTK+. This app is really complex and takes up a lot of space, so if you were looking for something more lightweight, this is not the best for you. Although, for some advanced users, Deluge actually supports lots of plugins. What this actually is is a sum of the features of a normal desktop app and also a client server. Deluge has 3 interfaces: the one for the desktop, another one for the browser and a whole different one for the command line.

When users decide to use a 64-bit uTorrent for Mac alternative, they are actually searching for the feature that allows you to adjust the speed limit, so it can be both fast and practical. Deluge is happy to say that it has that feature and some others that might make users interested, such as expand the download tasks with plugins, rename the tasks. Another great advantage is that this app is an open source.

Before using, you might want to consider that the features that Deluge has are far beyond when put in comparison with other app’s features.

This uTorrent alternative working in Catalina has the usual problem like any other alternative for Mac and that is that it was not well-built in a way that it can keep up with the speed. Without any doubt, this app needs some serious improvements.

4. qBitTorrent


qBitTorrent is a solid choice for an alternative to uTorrent download 64 bit. One of qBitTorrent’s main draws is that it does not have any ads. This program offers a simple user interface packed with a wide range of features. This application is also compatible with Mac’s latest operating system, Catalina.

The best thing about qBittorrent is its simplicity. You don’t need to configure settings before using it or run configuration wizard to get it up and running. Just click on the app once you’ve downloaded and installed it, and it’s ready to go, right away.

qBitTorrent offers a built in search engine and allows its user to queue and prioritize downloads. Furthermore, it allows you to filter your search results by category, such as movies, music, computer software, etc. Unlike some of its competitors, qBitTorrent allows the user to create their own torrents to share, too. It is a good torrenting program that offers extensive control over trackers, peers, and torrents.

Some users complain the qBitTorrent has a tendency to freeze if it gets overloaded and can be slow if you’re downloading multiple torrents at once. Along this same vein, the program is also known to consume a ton of RAM while running. Keep these things in mind before downloading.

5. Tribler


Tribler is another torrent client that offers an ad-free interface. In addition, this program features a fully decentralized database, video-on-demand services, and wiki-style channels. Unlike some other torrent clients on this list, Tribler also offers a pseudo-social-media option — you can “like” and “friend” other users through the app. This way, if you’re getting consistently reliable content from one user or another, you can “friend” them and access their uploads more easily.

Tribler is also compatible with Mac’s latest OS, Catalina.

Like uTorrent search, Tribler offers a keyword search feature that enables you to specifically search through the content of chosen users, or to specify only content available through such sites as YouTube, LikeLeak, etc. You can also browse through torrents in different categories and specify which type of content you’re looking for, whether it be video, audio, photos, etc. Also allows you to sort content by “most popular” or “recent”. Because Tribler offers a built-in media player, you don’t have to wait until your torrents are finished downloading to start watching/listening to them. Just click on “play” on your downloading files, and Tribler’s player will pop up automatically. Lastly, Tribler offers social media features, you can easily tell what content is good or no good. Other users can “like” and “dislike” content, much like a post on Reddit, so you can see which torrents are worth your while.

Some users say that Tribler’s preview feature, which allows you to watch/play videos/music while they’re still downloading, is very clunky and slow. This program also only offers a limited amount of settings and customizable features for its users, and does not allow you to save your searches.

6. Vuze


Vuze is a popular torrent client for Mac that offers a wealth of features. Unlike the two torrent clients we’ve posted above, though, Vuze is not an ad-free program. This app also offers a toolbar that you can use with your internet browser and extensions with the installer — you can opt out of these if you so choose, though.

Vuze also offers its users a choice of three different modes: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. If you’re new to downloading torrents, the beginner mode is a great choice, whereas if you’ve been downloading torrents for years, the advanced version of Vuze will offer you a wealth of features to customize your torrenting experience.

Vuze is also compatible with Mac’s latest OS, Catalina.

Like most of the other programs reviewed here, Vuze offers a built-in torrent search engine. It also supports I2P via plugin and offers a highly customizable range of features for users of all skill sets. Vuze is known for working well, even when downloading multiple torrents at one time. In addition, it has a built-in video player so you can preview movies before they’re fully downloaded. It’s VPN-friendly, as well.

Unfortunately, Vuze is also known for having tons of annoying ads during installation and on its free version. If you’d like to use Vuze without ads, it’ll cost you $10/month. It also does not offer native local peer discovery or tracker exchange, which results in less reliable and slower torrent downloads. Lastly, some complain that Vuze’s built-in search engine can be difficult to use.

7. Tips on choosing 64-bit uTorrent alternative Mac

If you are planning on choosing the 64-bit uTorrent Mac alternative, you have to keep in mind to always look out for the most compact one, that includes an easy to use interface and at the same time is safe and does not contain malware. More than this, support for magnet urls, web-browser integration and the ability to control speed and search for torrents is also a must.

When you take a look at what makes a 64-bit uTorrent alternative for Mac, you might also see that it clearly resembles Folx more than any other torrent manager. This is why we have picked Folx as the best one, thanks to its amazing features and lightweight format.


If you’ve chosen to upgrade your Mac’s OS to Catalina, you’ll find yourself with a serious lack of torrenting clients to choose from. One of the most popular torrent programs, uTorrent, does not offer an application compatible with Catalina. There is no downloadable uTorrent 64 bit for Mac software -- instead, if you’d like to keep using uTorrent, you’ll have to use the web-based version of it, called uTorrent Web for Mac. Since uTorrent is such a popular torrent client, many Mac users who’ve upgraded their operating system think they have no choice but to continue using this software via the online version. But this is not the case!
As far as we know, Folx Pro is the only downloadable torrent client that is currently compatible with the 64 bit OS that Catalina runs on. Most torrent apps won’t work with Catalina at all, or they’ll require you to use an online version of their app, which doesn’t offer nearly as many features or customization options.

Apple has been pushing its developers to switch to 64-bit compatible software since mid-2017, as the company was planning on releasing its 64-bit OS, Catalina, in the future. Now that Catalina has been released, 32-bit apps will no longer work on Mac computers with this OS installed.

But, what is the difference between a 64 bit and 32 bit application? From a non-technical perspective, the primary difference is that 64 bit apps are faster and more efficient than 32 bit apps, and can access more memory.

Choosing the best torrent client to work with Mac’s new Catalina operating system depends on what you’re looking for in a torrent application. Some of the programs we’ve listed above pride themselves on ease and efficiency of use, while others boast a wide variety of customizable features. Which client works best for you depends on a number of factors, such as, how familiar you are with utilizing torrent clients to download web content, how much money you’re willing to spend on a torrent client, and what kind of features you’re looking for. There is no one-size-fits-all torrent client, which is why this article was written in the first place. We hope the information contained above will prove valuable during your search for a 64-bit uTorrent alternative.
Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 35.92MB size
Version 5.21.13951 (5 Aug, 2020) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication
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