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There’s no doubt that the internet changed everything when it became broadly available. Besides the possibility to communicate easily, navigate new surroundings, and find information about any possible subject you may think about, it opened the door towards downloading all content types. And while some people think downloading the files you want is an unnecessary step since they’re always available online, that’s not always the case. First of all, no matter how stable your internet connection is, it can always experience interruptions and it wouldn’t be nice for you to have nothing saved on your computer when this happens.

Also, even though the internet is basically endless and can store unlimited amounts of data, some files do get deleted and disappear altogether. So, having a copy on your Mac is a great idea, especially if we’re talking about old content that is very hard to find online. For a smooth experience, you need a download for Macintosh app that you can rely on. You should always focus on a download manager that offers high-speed downloads, the possibility to pause and resume your download, and that makes it easier to organize your downloads once finished. And that’s exactly what we’re covering in this article, a download manager that can take care of all your downloads in a fast, simple, and fun way.

Detailed Guide on Downloading for Macs:

  1. Folx - Downloads on Mac Made Easy
  2. What Are the Benefits to Download files on Mac with a Download Manager?
  3. Mac Downloads - Other Download Managers to Check Out
  4. What to Download on Mac? Everything!
  5. How to Download on Mac with Folx
  6. How to Find Downloads on Mac

1. Folx - Downloads on Mac Made Easy

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Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 36.87MB free space. Version 5.24.13966. (3 Dec, 2020). 4.8 Rank based on 889+ users, Reviews(858)
Category: UtilitiesApplication
Folx is a powerful and versatile download manager designed for Mac users. With this app, you will never have to waste another second looking for a download manager.

It comes with multiple features and a unique tagging system so that you have full control over the entire download process and content sorting. Despite its long list of features, Folx is very user-friendly and comes with a Mac interface that makes it easy to use even by users that have never used a download manager before. With Folx, all your downloads Macintosh are taken care of and you can rest assured knowing you’re getting the best speed and all the needed features.

The most important of Folx’s features that make it superior compared to other similar apps is the capability of splitting the downloads in up to 20 threads for a great speed. Also, even if your internet connection is not the most stable, Folx will never lose a download since it has a feature that auto-resumes a download from where it left. On top of that, you have multiple ways of starting new downloads with Folx.

You can integrate it in your browser for quick downloads. Folx is compatible with Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. To make downloads even faster, you can enable Folx to catch download links automatically with the ability to fine-tune the kind of files that are downloaded automatically. Another way of starting a new download is direct download through a proxy. Using a proxy does not only enhances the security of your download, but it also offers you the possibility to better control your downloads. Folx offers you the possibility to configure a number of proxy settings for the perfect downloading experience.

If you’re not convinced Folx is the best app when it comes to downloading for Macs, there are plenty of other features offered by this download manager. The possibility to adjust the speed is one of them. And when you enable the smart speed control, Folx will automatically regulate the upload and download speeds when it identifies internet traffic from another app or a browser. That way, you will still be able to navigate the internet or stream something online while your download continues in the background with Folx.

Furthermore, Folx comes with a scheduling option that allows you to take full control over the downloads. This means you can choose when a download starts, when it remains idle, and when it needs to stop. Also, with scheduling you can decide what happens once the download is finished. You can put the Mac in sleep mode, shut it down or simply quit the app after all downloads are finished.

Besides being an excellent app that takes care of all your downloads for Macintosh, Folx allows you to build Apple Music playlists directly in its interface. You can add a specific tag to your media that makes it available in the Music library. Other features include the ability to download online videos from YouTube and the possibility of saving login credentials in Folx so you won’t have to use them anytime you access a website.

2. What Are the Benefits to Download files on Mac with a Download Manager?

There are several ways to perform a Mac download. Most users simply go with the built-in downloader offered by the browser they are using. However, no matter if you’re using Safari, Chrome, or any other browser, you are missing out on some really nice features that make the download process a lot better. But before we do a head-to-head comparison between downloading with your browser and using Folx as your download manager, let’s check out how easy it is to start a download using the app.

You can use the Quick Add function to rapidly start a download simply by pasting the URL where the file is located. This will immediately start your download if you want a quick download without making any other changes to the file. However, if you want to add a tag, split the download in multiple threads, or rename the file you should go with New Task window. Also, as previously mentioned, Folx comes with a browser integration for all the popular browsers that enables you to rapidly start downloads while navigating the internet. No matter the way you choose to start the download, you can count on Folx to always deliver the fastest download speed and get your file safely on your Mac even if you experience internet interruptions.

Downloads for Mac - Browser VS Using a Download Manager

We promised you a comparison between the standard browser download and a download manager like Folx. So, let’s get to it!

While downloading directly through your browser may seem faster and less complicated, it actually has quite a lot of disadvantages. Sure, you won’t need to install another app on your computer, however, that’s just about the only benefit you get when you start a browser download Mac. With most browser downloads you don’t have the possibility to pause and resume the download at a later time. On top of that, if your internet connection is not stable and you get disconnected, the download will not resume from where it stopped, you will have to start over. The download speed when you get files directly through your browser is also lower than what you’d get with Folx since most browsers don’t have the multi-threading functionality to boost download speed. And the list can go on with things like the inability to tag your downloads and organize them properly. A browser download will always be saved in the default folder and if you download lots of files, you’re going to have a hard time organizing everything afterward.

So, if you were not sure about how to download on Mac, now you have the answer.Folx does not only give you better speed and the ability to schedule downloads and properly tag them to organize them later, but you also get the auto-resume in case your internet connection drops, the ability to schedule downloads and many other helpful features that make the entire process a lot more efficient and simple.

3. Mac Downloads - Other Download Managers to Check Out

Since we’re all about giving full information to our users, we’re also presenting you three other download managers that deliver very good services. Folx remains the all-in-one download manager for Mac since it has every feature a user may want. However, in case you need an alternative, you can check out these apps.

Ninja Download Manager

When it comes to downloads Mac users can rely on the swiftness and agility of Ninja Download Manager. Just like Folx, it can split a download into up to 20 simultaneous threads to improve download speed and give you a great experience. The user interface, though, isn’t as smooth and intuitive as what Folx offers and inexperienced users may have a hard time until they get used to Ninja Download Manager. You also get the ability to pause and resume the downloads when needed, a great feature to avoid starting from the beginning in case you get disconnected or you simply need to pause a download for a while.

Ninja Download Manager

Another interesting feature offered by Ninja download manager is the ability to add downloads in the list but start them at a later time. This makes it easy for you to build a list and never forget to download your favorite content. Also, thanks to the sequential file writing feature, the content is downloaded from start to finish and you can preview video and audio before the download is complete. Just like Folx, Ninja Download Manager offers users the possibility to schedule downloads, control the speed of individual downloads, as well as the password manager and proxy support functions.

Progressive Downloader

Next on our list of download managers recommended for Mac users, we look at Progressive Downloader. Just like Folx, it is designed for Mac and you will need at least macOS Yosemite to run the app. With Progressive Downloader you will be able to rapidly download your files from the internet through a series of functions. If you’re not sure how to allow downloads on Mac and make them run faster, Progressive Downloader can be the answer. It comes with a browser integration compatible with all the major browsers out there, so you can rapidly start a download when needed. Also, it has a built-in SFTP browser to control remote resources when needed, as well as an automatic search function that locates the best servers for popular downloads.

Progressive Downloader

Furthermore, Progressive downloader can be scheduled so that your downloads only work when you want them too. This is a helpful feature so that you don’t use all the bandwidth for downloads and have difficulties navigating the internet, for example. Another interesting feature is the integration with Zevera which enables you to download files from over 100 file hosting services.

Xtreme Download Manager

Xtreme Download Manager, or XDM, is another very good download manager that can provide the support for all your Mac downloads. In case they get a download error, Mac users can turn to this versatile download manager to get their files from the internet. It comes packed with features like the ability to download streaming videos from the internet. Yep, with this app you will be able to download more than just files with various content, but you can also get videos from YouTube, or MySpaceTV. After installing the app you will see a “Download This Video” button on screen whenever you watch a video.

Xtreme Download Manager

The intelligent file segmentation technology used in Xtreme Download Manager boosts download speeds and, even though it can’t spread the download in 20 threads as Folx does, you can enjoy great download speeds. Just like the two other download managers presented above, XDM can be integrated with Chrome, Safari, Opera and many other browsers for a faster navigation.

Try Folx for Mac
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4. What to Download on Mac? Everything!

If you were wondering what file types you can download using Folx, the answer is “all of them”. There are absolutely no limits when it comes to the types of content you can Mac download via Folx. Any file available on the internet can be downloaded on your Mac for safe-keeping with Folx and you have no limits regarding the file types or the number of downloads.

With this app you will be able to start your own digital library of books or ebooks with all your favorite authors and titles. Or, you can build a playlist with the songs you love the most to export them on your iPod or to listen in the car. Thanks to the tagging system offered by Folx, you will be able to quickly build a playlist and sync it with Apple Music.

That’s not all, you can download all your favorite TV shows, movies, or documentaries to make sure you always have something to watch even when there’s no internet connection. Or, download your favorite games on your Mac and play a nice videogame whenever you’re bored. Every file type, no matter if it’s music, videos, games, apps, books, tutorials, or other documents, can be downloaded with Folx and carefully organized so you always know where to find your files.

5. How to Download on Mac with Folx

Now that you’re aware of all the features Folx provides for Mac users that want to download various files from the internet, it’s time to check out a step-by-step guide on how to download them. Folx is a very intuitive app and the user interface makes it easy for even inexperienced users to find their way. However, we put together these steps to make sure we are offering all the information needed to download and find downloads on Mac.

Using the Folx App

  1. Download and open Folx
  2. Go to the website where your file is uploaded and grab the URL
  3. Come back to Folx and paste the URL in the search box on top of the window
  4. Hit enter for Quick Add which starts the download immediately [ for more options, you can click the + button on next to the search bar to add a New Task ]
  5. If you choose to add a New Task, a new window will open
  6. Here you can tag the download, choose where the file is going to be downloaded, choose the starting time, split into multiple threads and insert a new name, referrer, and description for your download.

Adding new download task in Folx

Using the Browser Plug-In

Folx comes with a browser plug-in that can be added to your browser if you want an even better downloading experience. If you’re not sure where to find downloads on Mac or you simply want an improved download speed, using the browser extension is the way to go. Here’s how to download files with Folx’s browser plug-in.

  1. Add the extension to your browser
  2. Navigate to the website where the file is uploaded
  3. You will now see three new buttons in the context menu “Download With Folx”, Download Selected With Folx”, and “Download All With Folx”
  4. Depending on the files you want to download, click the appropriate button and start the download right away.

6. How to Find Downloads on Mac

If you were always unsure of how to get to downloads on Mac, Folx solves this issue for you easily. Not only that you will always know where your downloads go and how to find them, but you can also set up multiple tags with different destination folders for various content types.

If you don’t specify a certain folder for your downloads when you add a new task, the downloads will be saved into the Default Folder. The address of the folder is Downloads -> Folx and here you will find all the files downloaded with this app. However, you have the option to manually choose a different destination with each download if you want to. Or, even better, you can create the tags we mentioned above so the content you download automatically gets directed to the proper folder. Here’s how it works:

  1. Download Folx, start it and go to Preferences
  2. Click on the Folders tab
  3. Below, you will have several fields ( Name - is the name of the tag you are creating, you can either choose one from the list on the left or create a new one; Folder - this is the folder where your downloads with the specified tag will go and you can choose any folder on your Mac to organize the downloads as you wish; Icon - you can choose an Icon for the tag and also add a Color label to recognize it easier].

The Smart Tags system allows you to organize your files and folders as you download new content. And that’s one of the features that make Folx the best download manager available. Not only that you will never have to wonder where are downloads on Mac, but you will always know where to find various content types as soon as you download them. So, no more wasted time trying to copy and paste everything after downloading the content all in one place. With Smart Tags you will never have to work twice to keep everything organized. Also, you can forget about asking yourself how to check downloads on Mac, you have full control now!

Assign Tags Automatically

If you thought being able to assign tags to your downloads is an awesome feature, wait until you hear about how everything can be automated. Yes, Folx gives you this option as well and you can “teach” the app to automatically recognize your downloads and apply the smart tags you previously created. Here’s how:

  1. Download Folx, open the app and right click an existing tag from the Tags list
  2. Click on Edit tag in the context menu
  3. The Folx Preferences window will be opened and you need to focus on the bottom section “Automatically set this tag for the following tasks”:

    Setting rules for automatic smart tagging in Folx

  4. First step in setting an automated tag is choosing between all or any for the rules you apply ( all means the download task will have to meet all the specified criteria to get the tag while any means that at least one of the criteria must be met by the downloaded content )
  5. Next, you have to set the rules based on 6 main categories:

  • • Name - the tag will be assigned depending on the name of the downloaded file. This category has matches, begins with, contains, ends with, and, is as criteria and you can set it up as you wish. For example, if you set the category to “Contains Car” any download with “Car” in its name will get the tag.
  • • Comment - the same as Name but the category will look in the comment that accompanies the download to look for a certain text.
  • • URL - assign the tag to a task based on the URL you’re downloading from.
  • • Referrer - the tag gets assigned based on the Referrer field - the URL of the web page from where the request is coming.
  • • Size - applies a tag based on the file size of the download. You can choose from equals, is less than, is greater than, is not criteria to define various file sizes and the unit of measurement - KB, MB, and GB.
  • • Kind - the last category places the tag based on the kind of the downloaded file. For example, if it’s an audio track, a video, an image, etc. Here you choose from is and is not criteria.

Once you set up all the rules, click ok and check to see if you defined them properly with the first download.

Build Apple Music Playlists with Folx

As we mentioned before, Folx is a complete Mac download manager and allows you to create playlists and automatically sync them. To automatically sync the downloaded music files with your Apple Music playlist, just follow these steps:

  1. Open Folx after downloading, head to the Preferences menu and click on Tags [ or right click on the existing Music tag and select Edit Tag ]
  2. In the window that opens, you need to make sure to check the “Integrate with Music” box
  3. By checking that box all the files marked with that tag will be automatically synced with Apple Music [ the only exception is with the Music tag for which the songs will show up in a Downloaded Music playlist ].

Final Thoughts About Folx as a Mac Download Manager

Now that you saw just how easy it is to use Folx and dramatically improve the way you download files on your Mac, it’s time to take it for a spin. You will be able to do anything on a Mac, change download location, tag the files to be automatically downloaded in a folder, use multiple threads for better speed, integrate Folx in your browser, the sky’s the limit. No more wondering how to go to downloads on Mac with this clever download manager that makes organizing downloads a piece of cake for all users. Test the app in the free version and then upgrade to PRO for the ultimate downloading experience!


With Folx you can download absolutely any type of content from the internet. You can build your online library of books, ebooks, movies, TV shows, songs, documentaries, and just about everything you want to. Download games, software, images, or all kinds of tools to make your work easier or help you relax. There are no limitations to what can be downloaded with Folx on Mac.

Using Folx you will benefit of a very smart and efficient tagging system that allows you to always know where you downloads are going to be saved. The Default Folder is in Downloads - Folx, however, that can be customized for each download or even automated through smart-tagging and setting up rules for each tag to apply depending on the name, kind, comments, referrer, or size of the downloaded file.

Using a download manager like Folx is a lot better compared to just using your browser for downloads. The most important features that Folx brings and the browser downloads don’t offer are the ability to resume a download and the multithreaded downloading. So, a standalone app for downloads gives you better speed, a safer download experience, and the ability to never start over in case you lose connection.

After carefully assessing lots of download managers for Mac, our experts reached the conclusion that Folx is the best app for the job. The long list of features it offers, coupled with the very nice and smooth user interface, and the browser integration makes Folx an all-in-one download manager that can take care of any download task for you, no matter the job.

Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 36.87MB size
Version 5.24.13966 (3 Dec, 2020) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication
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