Choose the Best Download Manager for 2020

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When you only need to download a photo or a tiny document from the Internet, you can do it through a web browser. But when it comes to larger volumes, like movies, music files, games, then you'll need a download manager. And we bet you'll want to know what the best download managers for Mac are.

Probably the best thing about download managers is that you don't have to worry about Internet connection being lost and a download being interrupted - they can resume it from the point it was stopped at. Here is our list of top download managers for Mac supporting macOS Sierra.


One of the best download managers for Mac, Folx combines a powerful download manager and a torrent client in one body. It is a very friendly app that makes downloading into an easy process. Folx can resume paused and interrupted downloads and has a tagging system for efficient location of all the downloaded content no matter how long it's been since the files were saved on your computer.

Folx is a free app that is also available in PRO version that, after upgrading to it, provides users with advanced downloading possibilities. Folx PRO can split the downloads in up to 20 threads, which helps accelerate the downloading process; allows scheduling the download tasks at an convenient time and date; offers automatic speed adjustment according to the way you use Internet traffic; can integrate with Music (former iTunes); can search multiple torrent trackers at a time to find the best option for you; allows saving passwords for websites with authentication.


Jdownloader is the next one on our list of best download managers for Mac. This app is open source and platform-independent. May take more time to start up than you'd expect as it is written in Java. This download manager is mainly aimed at hosting websites like Megaupload and Rapidshare and supports encrypted links from third party websites.

You can queue multiple files and get notifications about download progress via status bar.


Leech focuses on a seamless integration with browsers. It can save your password for servers requiring authentication for faster downloading experience whenever it catches the link from such websites. This download manager doesn't require any add-ons for web browsers for automatic download link catching.


iGetter is a speedy app thanks to segmented downloading. It also resumes paused or broken downloads like other top download managers for Mac on this list.


A friendly Mac OS download manager supporting all popular transfer protocols, like http, https, and sftp. Can also split the downloads for faster process and offers ridiculously simple adding of new download tasks.

Download Shuttle

Download Shuttle allows flexible management of downloads and increasing of the download and upload speeds.This download manager for Mac also splits downloads in threads and displays the detailed information on each thread status, supports links with authentication, has a basic set of link management options. Download Shuttle also supports Quick Look for accessing info about the downloaded files.

Progressive downloader

Progressive downloader can resume interrupted downloads, splits downloads in multiple threads, integrates with web browsers, etc. With its mirror search option it is easier to find mirrors for downloading of large files. The speed of this app may not be as fast as in Folx PRO or Download Shuttle.

Xtreme Download manager

This app is written in Java as well. It can also split downloads in segments for faster downloading and offers data compression. Supports various protocols: HTTP, HTTPS and FTP, which makes this download manager pretty versatile.

Xtreme Download manager identifies the file contents and sorts the items to appropriate categories (docs, compressed, videos, music, apps). It can resume interrupted downloads, refresh the links and sorts them in two categories for easy access.


The last but not least on our list of best download managers for Mac is iNetGet. It supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP protocols, resumes interrupted or paused downloads and splits downloads in threads to achieve better speed.

Even though this article only briefly covers the top download managers for Mac OS Sierra and others, we hope that this will give you an idea where to head from here. We are convinced you'll find your best download manager for Mac and enjoy your downloading process with one of
these products.

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