Why One May Need LimeTorrents Mirror Sites

For a long time, LimeTorrents has been one of the top sites for users looking to get their hands on top quality torrent files and magnet links. These days, however, it can sometimes be hard to find torrents for this peer-to-peer file sharing service, often due to local restrictions put in place by your internet service provider. Fortunately, help is at hand when you choose from a list of mirrors for LimeTorrents that allow you to continue enjoying the service and unblock access to all the most popular torrent files. Mirror sites replicate the file database of the parent website, and since they’re stored on a different server with a different URL, users can often use them to gain access to files even when the original site might prove unavailable. We’re going to look at the top LimeTorrents mirrors for 2018 and how they can help torrenting fans keep acquiring new content.

Below are top VPN services we can recommend:

Best LimeTorrents Mirrors as of 2018:

Proxy Site Speed Status
https://limetorrents.unblocked.cam/ Fast
http://limetorrents.unblocked.pub/ Fast
https://limetorrents.in/ Fast
http://limetorrents.unblocked.vet/ Fast
https://limetorrents/ Fast
https://lime1.unblocked.ms/ Fast
https://lime1.unblocked.wtf/ Fast
https://limetor.com/ Fast
https://limetorrents.info/ Fast

Access LimeTorrents using VPN Services

A mirror for LimeTorrents can be a useful quick fix for users who need to get around unblocking, but there is a much more comprehensive solution available: a VPN. VPN stands for “virtual private network”, a clever system that can route all the internet activity of your private home network through different servers that help encrypt your activity by routing your bandwidth usage through different IP addresses. In this way, it’s impossible for any third parties - like your internet service provider, or marketing companies trying to scan your packet data - to track your bandwidth activity back to your personal IP address. It’s the best way to ensure anonymity and protect your personal information when using the internet, and it’s also the most foolproof way to get around any access restrictions you might otherwise face when using a mirror for LimeTorrents.

To Access LimeTorrents

About LimeTorrents in General

When you first visit the site from a LimeTorrents mirror, it quickly becomes clear that you’re using a different kind of torrent resource. LimeTorrents doesn’t store torrent trackers on its own server. Instead, the site acts as a search engine of other torrent databases and will direct users to whatever host site the desired file is located on. This gives LimeTorrents an incredible scope, and users can search through more than 60 million files with just a couple of clicks. Users who might be concerned that they will be redirected to suspicious websites shouldn’t worry: there’s a search function dedicated to looking through files from verified users. Another useful feature of the interface is the “health bar” next to every torrent, that indicates whether a file will download quickly, which saves users time. Plus, the site if very family-friendly as well, which is pretty unusual in the world of torrent sites. For getting your hands on those hard-to-find files, a LimeTorrents mirror is a hard tool to beat.

Guide to Get Access to LimeTorrents Using VPN

Using a VPN to enable you to access unblocked LimeTorrents content is perfectly simple, especially when you take advantage of a premium VPN service. Although there are some free services available, they tend to have pretty significant drawbacks when it comes to speed and stability, and some don’t seem particularly reputable which could lead to users getting unwanted software on their devices.

To enjoy VPN protection:

  1. Find a VPN to suit your needs and sign up for the preferred VPN package.
  2. Download and install VPN software across any devices you use to connect to the internet. When you use a premium service you are usually able to install the VPN on multiple devices from a single account.
  3. That’s all there is to it. Continue to browse and download as normal, enjoying unblocked access and complete anonymity for all your internet activity.

Best LimeTorrents Alternatives

While the best LimeTorrents mirrors can give you access to a huge amount of files, the possibility exists that you still might not find what you’re looking for and will need to search a different torrent resource. Try this for some trustworthy alternatives to LimeTorrent mirror sites.


Even someone was the smallest amount of knowledge of torrents will have heard of PirateBay (TPB). The site started in Sweden in 2003 and quickly grew to establish itself as the world’s most popular torrent site, offering a huge amount of files to download at fast speeds thanks to the sheer amount of active users. Although the original site went dark in 2009, proxies and mirror sites soon took over to keep the database running, and the site continues to be an immensely popular destination for all kinds of downloading needs.

Top 5 Best Pirate Bay Proxies and Mirrors:

PirateBay alternative to LimeTorrents


Since appearing in 2005, EZTV made a name for itself with extremely popular uploads of the various video content. It’s clearly a place for fans of TV and film especially, with the original site having its own discussion boards where users talked about their favorite shows. The only downside is that the interface can seem a little unforgiving for first-timers, but it’s easy to quickly figure out.

Top Best EZTV Proxies and Mirrors:

EZTV alrernative to LimeTorrents


Like EZTV, YTS is a good choice for people looking for new video files. The site used to go by the name YIFY, which, at one point, was the most frequent search term in torrents. Their reputation grew from being able to provide good quality videos in high definition that were somehow crammed into very small file sizes. The site rebranded as YTS (YIFY Torrent Solutions) in 2014, but they remain familiar thanks to the top quality content and same pleasing interface.

Top 5 Best YIFY Proxies and Mirrors:

YIFY Torrent Solutions


RARBG started in 2008 and soon picked up a lot of support among torrent fans. The site’s popularity snowballed, and new users helped contribute a lot to the development of the site. In fact one of the best things about the site is how active the community is, which means you can always find a lot of feedback on a torrent page. This makes it much easier to discover technical information about a file and have queries answered, so you’re less likely to be wasting your time with a file that isn’t of much use to you.

List of best RARBG mirrors and proxy:

RARBG alternative to LimeTorrents


Kickass Torrents (or KAT) has one of the best reputations of any torrent site on the web. When it came out in 2008, some of the other bigger torrent sites were starting to become disconnected, so it seems that KAT rose to the challenge and filled the gaps left by many of its predecessors. It has jumped around many different domain names over the years, but one thing never changes: an excellent range of torrents that can usually be relied upon to have plenty of users seeding, making them very fast to download. Another good thing about KAT is that they rank their torrents by ratings given by users, so you can get to verified, trustworthy files very quickly. If you can’t find a file on other torrent sites, KAT might have the answers you’re looking for.

Top Best Kickass Proxies and Mirrors:

KAT alternative to LimeTorrents


ExtraTorrent is one of the more long-standing torrent sites around, having first appeared in 2006. It’s outlasted many of its competitors, however, and, in fact, in 2016 it was the second most popular torrent site on the web behind TPB. The original site closed its door in 2017, but thanks to the work of mirror sites and proxies the file index has been kept intact and continues to be updated. Due to the ease of use and comprehensive file selection available in a wide range of categories, it’s still one of the best peer-to-peer file sharing resources on the internet.

Top Best ExtraTorrent Proxies and Mirrors:

ExtraTorrent alternative to LimeTorrents


The unusual title of this website helps it stand out from the crowd. It’s pronounced “leet” which is an early computer enthusiast term for “elite” that goes back to the 1980s. It’s a fitting name as well, given the community of dedicated torrent enthusiasts working hard to keep the site refreshed with new content every day. A great feature is that users can give each other reputation points, so it’s easy to see who verified, trusted uploaders are in an instant. It might not be the best all-around site for torrents on the internet, but for certain categories and media formats it can be a terrifically useful resource.

Top Best 1337 Proxies and Mirrors:

1337x alternative to LimeTorrents

With the right LimeTorrents mirror, you can get around most access restrictions and still enjoy unlimited downloading. Plus, when you combine this with a high-quality VPN, you can enjoy file downloading with complete anonymity, safe in the knowledge that your downloading can’t be tracked. Hopefully this article will help you with downloading in future so feel free to share it elsewhere.