Use 1337x Unblocked Mirror and Get Access 1337x Content

1337x is one of the very best torrenting sites on offer. They’ve got a huge selection of music, films and more, all available from thousands of seeders around the world. However, you may find you have trouble accessing it. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of 1337x mirrors, providing you with everything you need to make the most of this great site.

There are loads of reliable VPN companies out there. The following are a few of our top recommended options:

Top 1337x proxy sites:

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What Is 1337x?

As of 2018, 1337x is ranked as the number three torrenting site in the world. That’s pretty impressive when you consider the huge amount of competition out there. The company was started back in 2007, when many of the biggest torrenting sites today came into existence. Following the collapse of Kickass Torrents in 2016, they were able to capitalise on a gap in the market, and cement their reputation as one of the most useful sites out there. As a result, even though there are restrictions on them in many countries, the best 1337x mirrors can easily provide you with access to the site. Torrenting is a straightforward way of getting files from different users. You receive a portion of the file from each separate user, eventually getting the complete file. The more seeders available, the quicker your download. Users share whatever content they want with each other, resulting in a huge online catalogue of various content for you to enjoy. Sites to mirror 1337x let you access the site easily, if there are restrictions placed on it by your ISP or region.

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Why Does 1337x Get Blocked?

Unfortunately, the days of being able to enjoy easy torrenting with no restrictions are now behind us. In many parts of the world, successfully lobbying means that now, ISPs are required to provide companies with any evidence of their customers downloading content. This generally first results in a cease and desist letter, and then moves on to more serious steps. Unfortunately, this generally has less to do with caring about artists receiving their paychecks, and far more to do with media companies and major studios trying to keep hold of the reins. Fortunately, sites to mirror 1337x and various other torrenting sites have sprung up, providing internet users with everything they need to access the content they’re looking for.

Even beyond these issues, the benefits on offer of using sites to mirror 1337x are extensive. The fact that torrenting allows you to access content without lengthy and costly sign-up fees makes it the go-to choice for many internet users. There’s also the absence of adverts. Most streaming sites today, even ones such as Netflix, are crammed with advertising in order to make things profitable. You wouldn’t choose to turn on an advert, so why should you have to tolerate them being crowbarred into film and TV content you’re watching?

Using a VPN as an Alternative to a 1337x Mirror

If you don’t know what a VPN does, it’s time you found out. This piece of technology has become more and more ubiquitous, and it’s easy to see why. Not only is it an effective alternative to even the top 1337x mirrors. It’s also a great way of ensuring all of your internet use is kept completely confidential, even from your service provider.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and that’s effectively what it is: a way of using the internet as though you were accessing it from a private network. Information is encoded on a number of different levels. First off, your data packet is secured, to ensure that no one can access it, or alter the information within it. Then, the actual information itself is encoded, and can only be decoded by using the key possessed by you and your VPN provider. This means that no one will be able to even find out what information you are sending, even if they can’t access or change it. Finally, and this is what makes a VPN so effective as an alternative to sites to mirror 1337x, your information can be sent via a server located in any one of a number of countries. This means that it will appear as though you are accessing the internet from the server country. As a result, you’ll be able to dodge any geo restrictions within your own country, and access content available in the server country.

Rather than using a 1337x unblocked mirror site, you can use a VPN and access all 1337x content easily. Only certain countries and ISPs have blocked access to it, meaning that as long as you sign up with a VPN provider that gives you access to one of the unblocked countries, you can do what you want. Given the levels of encryption, your ISP will have no idea of your online activity, and all your information will be kept completely secure.

Best 1337x Alternatives


ExtraTorrent was a popular torrenting site that stayed up and running for fairly long time. Founded in 2006, it lasted a while, and offered a wide array of different content. Unfortunately, they faced the same kinds of problems that many other torrenting sites, especially in 2016. However, using sites similar to the best 1337x mirrors, you can still access various proxy versions in order to make use of them.

Top Best ExtraTorrent Proxies and Mirrors:

Extratorrent website


Torrentz was an impressive choice for anyone looking to get hold of a lot of content. Set up in 2003, they really were one of the very first companies out there to take advantage of the torrenting boom. They lasted for a pretty long time, and just about anyone who made use of online downloading is probably familiar with them. In 2012, they were ranked at an impressive number 2 of all online torrenting sites. Their main selling point was the fact that they were able to use trackers to get torrents from a huge range of other torrenting sites, making them an effective index of available content. While they did shut down a few years ago, you can find online lists similar to a list of mirrors for 1337x that let you find out how to access their content.

Top 5 Best Torrentz2 Proxies and Mirrors:

Torrentz2 website


Pirateiro is, as the name suggests, a site for Portuguese and Brazilian torrents primarily. You can find a ton of other content on their, and if you’re looking for music or Portuguese language films, you’re in luck. The site has been blocked in a number of countries, but as with a 1337x mirror, there’s no shortage of Pirateiro proxy and mirror sites that can let you gain access to their content.

Top 5 Best Pirateiro Proxies and Mirrors:

Pirateiro torrent site


Piratebay are known to just about anyone familiar with the world of online torrenting. They’ve been going for all of 15 years, and despite various hardships along the way, have generally managed to keep their heads above water. Started in Sweden in 2003, they are possibly the most famous of online torrenting sites. They’ve always done a good job of relocating their servers and changing their address in order to stay online. Though they may not be as big as they once were, you can still use mirrors like those sites to mirror 1337x that give you access to the content.

Top 5 Best Piratebay Proxies and Mirrors:

Piratebay torrent site


Kickass Torrents is, like Pirate Bay, one of the godfathers of torrenting. They’ve been going just as long, and have a similarly impressive reputation. Unfortunately, the original site is no longer online. However, there are plenty of effective proxies and mirrors out there than can provide you with everything you need.

Top 5 Best Kickass Proxies and Mirrors:

Kickass torrent site

There’s no shortage of sites to mirror 1337x, giving you access to one of the most popular torrenting sources around. And with plenty of great VPN companies offering free trials and competitive rates for their software, even without a mirror for 1337x you can easily gain access to the content. Try out some of the above and the list of mirrors for 1337x, work out the best one for you, and start enjoying some fantastic free torrents.