How to Unblock Torrentz Website Blocking

Torrentz is well known as one of the most powerful search engines for torrent files and magnet links anywhere on the internet. However, between regional restrictions and the policies of certain internet service providers, it can sometimes prove difficult to access. That’s why it’s important to know how to unblock Torrentz with mirror sites that enable you to continue your file-sharing activity.

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Best 5 Torrentz Proxy and Mirror Sites:

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What Happened to Torrentz?

For many early adopters of torrenting, Torrentz was one of the most definitive resources for peer-to-peer downloading anywhere on the internet. Started in 2008, Torrentz always maintained a reputation for providing torrent trackers for files that were hard to find elsewhere, and always had a high ratio of seeders to enable fast downloads for other users. However, despite enjoying years where it was the most popular torrent database on the internet, the original site closed its doors in August 2016, leaving millions of fans scratching their heads as to where to go next and how to unblock Torrentz files in the future.

How to Unblock Torrentz2 Site

How to Unblock Torrentz2 Site Access

Fortunately for fans of the original site, alternatives sprung up right away after Torrentz closed down, the most popular and comprehensive example being Torrentz2, that gave fans access to an index of over 60 million torrent files. Today, it’s going stronger than ever, and when users unblock they can enjoy the same great interface and deep file database for acquiring the latest high-quality content. Torrents-Pro is another good replacement for the original service, and will be useful to hardcore and casual torrent fans alike. With so many replacements to choose from, the spirit of the original site is definitely being kept alive by the passion of the torrenting community.

Using a VPN for Extra Torrentz Unblock Capabilities

A simple way to attempt to unblock sites Torrentz files are available from is to use a proxy or mirror site. These sites copy the database of the parent site but host the trackers on a different server with an alternative URL, so with patience, these can be used to gain access to all the available torrent files and magnet links. However, for anyone serious about making the most of peer-to-peer file sharing, the best solution is acquiring the use of a VPN. VPN stands for “virtual private network”, a service that filters your bandwidth activity through IP encryption, making it hard to track and regulate your internet usage. Another advantage is that you can set your VPN to convince sites that you’re browsing from another country, which is a fantastic way to bypass restrictions that might be put in place from different territories or internet service providers.

Thanks to this flexibility and security, you can torrent with complete confidence. While it’s possible to find free VPNs available, to get the most out of the service it’s a much better to use a premium service, as these guarantee security and stability with a much lower chance of service dropouts interfering with your downloads.

Top 5 Torrentz Alternatives

If, for example, there’s a movie Torrentz unblock sites don’t seem to have available, there are plenty of other sites you can try to find your desired media. These 5 sites all have a strong reputation for active uploads of up-to-date files, and fortunately have plenty of proxy unblock sites to improve your chances of finding the right files.


Often shortened to “TPB”, this torrent database is one of the most famous to be found anywhere on the internet. It was founded in Sweden in 2003, and soon became the most visited torrent site on the internet with millions of unique hits every day. Although the parent site closed its doors in 2009, mirror and proxy sites quickly emerged to keep the TPB database active, and the site continues to be the go-to torrenting resource on the internet for millions of different users.

Top 5 Best Piratebay Proxies and Mirrors:

Piratebay torrent site


Kickass Torrents (also known as “KAT”) is another formidable torrent index with an excellent reputation for stability and a wealth of different active torrent files for users to enjoy. It started out in 2008 on the URL, but over the years it has operated under a variety of different domain names. It also has one of the biggest selections of files available for downloading, with a committed community keeping the index updated with the latest file content anywhere in the peer-to-peer filesharing community. An excellent choice, especially for users looking for hard-to-find downloads.

Top 5 Best Kickass Proxies and Mirrors:

Kickass Torrents


At first glance, the title of this database seems a little perplexing, but the name actually has its roots in the earliest days of the internet. “1337x” means “leet”, which in turn was a term of slang for “elite”, a title used by hacking communities ever since the 1980s. 1337x is an excellent site maintained by a community of hardcore torrent fans who help ensure fast downloads of top-quality content. The biggest unique feature of this site is the ranking system, where users can give and remove points from different accounts. This makes it easy to tell the trustworthiness of the source of your torrent file and means it’s simple to only download from the very best uploaders. It might not be as well-known as other torrent sites, but it’s a treasure trove of great content that’s easy to navigate through.

Top Best 1337x Proxies and Mirrors:

1337x torrent site


Another torrent site that might not be as popular as competing destinations like KAT and TPB, RARBG is nonetheless a very sleek and efficient torrent index that has a loyal following adding new files every day. The user interface is very simple to navigate, making it a torrent site that is easy to enjoy even if someone isn’t that familiar with the world of torrenting. The community is very active, so there’s often lots of feedback on a file page so you can see whether it matches your specific requirements. It also makes it much easier to avoid torrents that might be hiding spyware and other malicious content, so if security is a concern, RARBG is a site where it’s much easier to torrent with confidence.

Top 5 Best RARBG Proxies and Mirrors:

RARBG torrent site


Long-time torrent fans will no doubt be very familiar with the name EZTV. The site is a prime resource for all kinds of the video files and encourages community discussions elsewhere on the site. Although they don’t specialize in less popular media as other torrent sites might, it’s the best place to find the biggest releases in the shortest space of time. This also makes it popular with hardcore torrent fans, so you’ll find that files always have a lot of seeders in the tracker, which means much faster download times for other users. While the interface is a little more unique than some of the other torrent sites out there, this is still a powerhouse for many different kinds of media.

Top 5 EZTV Proxies and Mirrors:

EZTV torrent site

Even though the original Torrentz site is no longer with us, there are many ways to unblock and other alternatives that function just as well as the original database. There’s a terrific assortment of many different kinds of files available for access, especially when users invest in a good-quality VPN that makes it easy to bypass restrictions and share the content. Even with so many other torrent sites available on the internet, the descendants of the original Torrentz still have plenty to offer users, thanks to an intuitive interface and huge range of files to choose from.