How to unblock EZTV, and why you might need to

EZTV is a great way to view a huge amount of popular content, covering music, TV, films, and more. However, when you try and access this site, the odds are that you may have some issues. If it’s down, you’re going to need an alternate way to unblock EZTV and gain access to the content. That’s what mirror sites are for. These handy websites allow you to ISP unblock EZTV and get straight to the popular files. Read on to find out exactly how to unblock EZTV.

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The list of best unblock EZTV proxies working in 2018

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How to unblock EZTV with VPN services

A great alternative method to get EZTV unblocked is to make use of a VPN. This technology is becoming more and more widespread, and is no longer the preserve of workplaces or serious tech users. Today, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is seen by many people as necessary for anyone making use of the internet. VPNs allow you to encrypt your information, and hide your location. They do this in a number of particular ways. First off, any data packages sent by you while online are encrypted with multiple levels of encryption. This ensures that not only can no one alter your information when it’s sent online, they can’t even see what you’re sending. Encryption is done by converting your data into code. A key is needed to render it back into readable data, and only you and your VPN provider have the code. As a result, it’s impossible for anyone to tamper with your data. It’s also impossible for anyone to see what sites you’re viewing while online. Even your Internet Service Provider won’t know what sites you’re accessing.

The other way that your VPN can make a huge difference to your internet use is by letting you effectively change which location you’re accessing the internet from. This is what makes them perfect to bypass EZTV block systems. VPN providers generally have active servers in a number of different countries around the world. When you connect to your VPN, you can choose which of their servers you want to use, and can switch between them as you see fit. By sending your data via a server in a different country, your VPN provider can not only hide your own IP address, but also make it seem as though you are accessing the internet from the country where the server is located. As a result, you’re able to view online content as though you are in that country, meaning that you won’t be affected by any restrictions in your own country, and can view any geospecific content that is only available in a certain country. This is how a VPN can let you bypass EZTV ISP block, and get you straight to the site.

Unblock EZTV with VPN

About EZTV in general

EZTV was founded in 2005, by a collection of volunteers who wanted to put together an effective site for storing TV torrents. Previous sites that had carried this out had recently folded, and while EZTV was never officially connected with these sites, it definitely served as their spiritual successor. One of the major plus points of EZTV was the fact that it made an effort to moderate its torrents. Many previous sites had been happy enough to simply allow people to upload and download whatever they wanted, and as a result, many faulty torrents were on offer that didn’t really deliver what they promised. EZTV aimed to moderate content to ensure that all torrents on offer were decent quality and didn’t contain any kinds of malware. Another thing that set EZTV apart from its predecessors was the fact that the site didn’t actually host any of its own trackers, and rather made use of other options in order to direct users to them. In a pre-Adblocker age, it was also remarkable that EZTV made an effort to remain completely non-profit, and didn’t try and push adverts on its users. This definitely set it apart from other sites at the time, that tended to try and monetise via needless and intrusive pop-ups.

Steps to bypass EZTV ISP block with VPN services

If you need to access EZTV unblocked using a VPN, the process couldn’t be easier. First off, you need to sign up to a reliable VPN provider. Most of them provide free trials for a certain amount of time, letting you work out whether or not they’re what you’re looking for. For the best chances to access EZTV unblocked, you need a VPN with servers in countries that don’t place georestrictions on the site. Once you’ve downloaded your VPN, you simply need to log in, and connect to a server in one of the many countries that do not place georestrictions on the site. Once you’ve done this, you should have no problems when it comes to bypass EZTV block.

Best EZTV alternatives


PirateBay was once known as the daddy of online torrenting sites. For many years, this site was pretty much number one when it came to the service. Founded in 2003, a good few years before so many other sites got onto the trend, it was started by a group of programmers in Sweden. The site retained its popularity for a number of years, but eventually closed down in 2009. However, given how popular it was, it’s unsurprising that a ton of different mirror sites still provide access to it.

Top 5 Best Pirate Bay Proxies and Mirrors:

PirateBay alternative to EZTV


Kickass Torrents is another one of the very best torrenting sites out there. Though only founded in 2008, when tons of other sites were setting up, it still managed to climb to the very top of the pile. For a time, they were even able to beat PirateBay, becoming the number one torrenting site in the world. While they may no longer be active, there’s still a huge amount of mirror and proxy sites out there to make use of.

Top Best Kickass Proxies and Mirrors:

KAT alrernative to EZTV


Torrentz was another popular site, that made use of a straightforward interface and user friendly features to gain a large number of fans. The site stood out from the competition by offering compilations of trackers on each torrent. That meant that, even if one tracker went down, the other ones were still in operation. It was also popular because it didn’t require users to register. Today, mirrors and proxies mean that you can still make use of it.

Top Best Torrenz Proxies and Mirrors:

Torrentz Solutions


RARBG was a pretty straightforward torrenting site that started up in 2008. There’s never been a huge amount to differentiate the site from the competition, but they have a big following, and enjoyed over 300,000 users per day in 2015. Today, they are officially closed, but can be accessed via mirrors and proxies.

List of best RARBG mirrors and proxy:

RARBG alternative to EZTV


Limetorrents was started in 2009, and has become a familiar name in the world of torrenting. Today, they have around 20 million unique torrents on offer, making them an impressive repository of files. A flexible approach means that the site has kept in operation for a long time, and built up a dedicated following. They are regularly named as one of the best torrenting sites in operation.

List of best LimeTorrents mirrors and proxy:

Limetorrents alternative to EZTV

Thanks to the above, you should know exactly how to unblock EZTV. Whether you prefer to make use of mirror sites or VPNs, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy some of the best content around. We hope the above has been of help to you, feel free to share it with anyone looking to unblock EZTV proxy sites.