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4K Video Torrents: Is the Game Worth the Candle?

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4K videos gain popularity worldwide with each new day. They are friendly with all existing devices and operating systems. Modern video players quickly get adapted to 4K video format. You can come across brand new apps and services that easily find, download and play 4K files right from the web.

Besides, there are oceans of torrent websites that offer 4K content for free downloading. So how to save and play 4K files on Mac? Of course, you won’t do without a good application. If you get the Internet media through torrents, in this article you will learn where to find 4K torrents, how to download them quickly and safely and how to watch 4K torrents in high quality on your Mac.

A Glimpse at 4K Videos

4K is a comparatively new standard applied to the display resolution. It was developed for digital cinema and computer graphics. 4K provides a higher quality of video image, more detailed picture and is ideal for dynamic images shown on large screens. As a result, a video looks incredibly similar to life and you get an impression of looking through the window, not watching TV.

The 4K format got its name because of its horizontal resolution (about 4,000 pixels) unlike the 1080p and 720p standards that were named due to their vertical resolution values. 4K video files are four times bigger than 1080p, so it’s recommended to watch 4K movies on a large screen.

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4K Movies Torrents

If you want to download 4K torrents to your Mac, you just need a good torrent downloader. Folx download manager will be of great help. All you should do is copy and paste a torrent URL to the search box and press Enter. Folx will instantly save the torrent to your computer and you can get its content quickly and safely.

Folx downloads 4K movie torrents and lets you make a torrented file without any effort. It supports torrent files available on tracker websites as well as magnet links equally well. Magnet links make your torrenting more private as they don’t keep records on user’s activity and on files that are downloaded.

Besides, such links can make torrent downloading speedier. Folx also offers its users the possibility to prioritize multiple downloads, tag them according to their type (so you will easily find a required file in the future), get torrents to your hard drive at high speed, split downloads into up to 2 threads, resume interrupted downloads, and many more.

PRO version opens up even more possibilities for you, so you can make your torrenting highly comfortable and pleasant. With Folx PRO you get the following:

  1. Torrent search. Folx scans multiple trackers for torrents and delivers you the most relevant results.
  2. Quick downloads. Folx can split downloaded files in up to 20 threads, which promises a faster process.
  3. Speed adjustment. You can set the speed for downloads and uploads manually or it can be adjusted automatically.
  4. Time schedule for downloads. You can set the exact time when Folx should download torrent files. You can also specify its behavior upon the download completion.
  5. Password saver. Folx can keep your login details for the torrent trackers that you visit the most.
  6. Music integration. Folx can automatically add the downloaded music and videos to the Music (former iTunes) playlists according to the assigned tags.

Folx is a multifunctional and universal tool for torrents as it works as a torrent search and a download manager. It gives you full control over your torrent downloads and uploads, allows you to plan your work as well as rest taking into account the time on downloading torrents and their content, etc. With Folx you have videos, music, books and other files that perfectly match any picky requirements.

Requirements: macOS 10.12+ , 17.89MB size
Version 5.27.13991 (5 Oct, 2022) Release notes
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